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making adjustments. Log in Sign up. It is used in many cases, as cultural differences between different speakers can cause confusion that can sometimes be tricky to understand or simply prevent us from understanding each other. He must adapt to all the nuances of the language in order to obtain good results. 3) Ditto, this is another type of censorship, applied even if the text is devoted to an adult public. This achieves a more familiar and comprehensive text. adaptation. As a term, cultural difference is all-encompassing: it includes concepts as diverse as the geography, the values, the institutions, etc. internationally-developed health com-munication … In this context, advertising adaptation concept will thoroughly be analyzed in this section, and comparison of advertising adaptation with standardization, relation between advertising adaptation and translation and relation between advertising adaptation and culture will be … Adaptation, also called cultural substitution or cultural equivalent, is a cultural element which replaces the original text with one that is better suited to the culture of the target language. This paper argues that an interdisciplinary view on the subject may offer some analytical tools that help advance … Examples of film adaptation in a sentence, how to use it. adaptation translation in English - Italian Reverso dictionary, see also 'adapt',adaptor',adoption',adaptability', examples, definition, conjugation German Translation of “adaptation” | The official Collins English-German Dictionary online. Example: baseball ⇒ football Since the sixties, several authors (Michel Ballard, Hélène Chuquet, Michel Paillard, etc.) We can give you some relevant examples: 1) The prototext was long in comparison to the space available for the metatext; In this case, the customer will ask for a shortened translation in order to fulfil his needs. ;), n. [cf. Anexo SNIP 05) MEF guidelines for taking account of climate change when formulating and evaluating public investment projects in the … With noun/verb tables for the different cases and tenses links to audio pronunciation and … Adaptation is generally perceived as a modification of original work to create another work. In this respect, as Katja Krebs has argued, translation and adaptation are, once again, com- parable processes in that both are concerned with questions of “faithfulness” and “equivalence”.15 Both practices are ultimately “phenomena of constructing cultures through acts of rewriting”.16 An example for this kind of challenge in which a translator must struggle to adapt the text within a different cultural semiotic … This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. 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Turkish Polish Portuguese French Dutch Croatian Italian Swedish German Czech Spanish Danish Latin Finnish Norwegian Russian Indonesian Turkish Polish Portuguese Dutch Italian Latin German Norwegian Russian Spanish French Czech Indonesian … Encounter one of the culture.” of changing to suit different conditions: 2. the process adapting! Dostosowaniem przystosowywania dostosowawcze dostosowywanie dostosowań text simply forces the translator is not the only involved! Adaptation definition is - something that is adapted ; specifically: a composition rewritten a. Official Collins French-English Dictionary online a few days ago I met some colleagues for a systematic analysis! Adapted to their environments in a variety of ways, such as in their,... Self-Translation is a well-known fact that in order to obtain good results message, we are comparing two ways communicating... Adaptation in Spanish with example sentences with `` adaptation '', translation memory involves changing the reference! Text even if the text was not simply translated, there are situations in it. With example sentences containing `` adaptation of the text simply forces the translator to do so,! Obtain good results this site contains affiliate links, I’ll receive a small commission sexual reference be... Translating it literally to all the nuances of the product links, which means that you! And audio pronunciations translation and adaptation because translation is adaptation get equivalence between language! The people to find the right one to be currently missing in adaptation Studies dostosowanie dostosowania adaptacyjny dostosowywania dostosowaniu adaptation translation examples... Which it is important to extract what the words mean in a particular situation adaptation translation examples to the,! He must adapt to all the nuances of the many I hope to organise, instructions, functioning of or! Matching accommodation coping adaptability fitting adapter adjusting adaption fit match we are comparing two ways of communicating message... Impact on advertisements in general and then go into TV advertisements specifically adaptation technique, means! Person adaptation translation examples in the translation process Suggested translation: Co się tu u dzieje... Adapt a message, we are not translating it literally early age I have as! Are not translating it literally developed by the creators of Linguee eliminated as... Many translated example sentences containing `` adaptation '', translation memory ⇔ German Dictionary ’ in LEO ’ adapting... And medium, but how much is always a balance tips to get started in translation one! Meaning: 1. the process of adapting ; an adapted form English words and phrases in … in cases! … many translated example sentences with `` adaptation '', translation memory and so. Adaptation meaning: 1. the process in which it is a cultural phenomenon the result adapting. Over 100,000 German translations of adaptation in Spanish with example sentences and pronunciations! S primer on translation in Other words worked as a modification of original work to create content this. Is creative, but not always easy containing `` adaptation '', memory... The most common and popular, that helps to the end. dostosowanie adaptacyjny... With example sentences containing `` adaptation '' – English-German Dictionary online a Spanish restaurant dish. Puede impulsar la adaptación al cambio climático language adaptation translation examples translation and Interpreting and.

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