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They most likely will never truly own anything of their own. Oh, I forgot we are white. Hi,I graduated from SAV in 04, and alot had change by that time, the school took a turn for the better, we still had our rotten apples but for some reason they would stay together, so at valley you had your dumbasses all on one side and your smartasses on the other. I went to Valley High School my freshman year the security guard Lucky was there but unfortuately I got kick out and sent to boring ass Saddleback. SAV v SAHS GAME ; We LOVE our Pets! I wrote for The Talon (the school paper) and got to write a fictional piece for the April Fool's edition. It has 2,241 students in grades 9th through 12th. I think Valley helped me be the person I am today. DL, is Darryl and I know all those baseball players very well. I was in it when it was robbed and the owner shot. I lived and worked in Orange County until 2006. I keep telling the we didn't call it that and it was nothing like the TV show. Santa Ana Valley High School. function map_classmates() { It was fun going to Lemon Heights, Back Bay, Peters Canyon just crusing, double dating or not. I don't know how I managed to escape it.At Valley High, they had a annual tradition called "The Kangaroo Court". That's what I'm talking about. Do they still have shop classes there? Victor~ who did you hang around with?? The website started in January 2016 with the primary goal of getting everyone to reconnect, reminisce, and just be friendly and supportive to each other as well as to let everyone know about the 50th Reunion that was held in September 2016. Class of 1966 Santa Ana Valley High School ... Class of 1966. 1965 changed that. And they leave behind the ones that are not doing very well, the English learners. I'm a short little asian girl that was in band. The school was well-mixed ethnically but everyone got along. For the 'original' Falcons, Valley is undergoing renovations. Thats just the way it was...Any homies that remember me or knew about me or know people i knew, please hit me up... id love hear from you and maybe reunite, do something KRAZY! Hi SteveJust to let you know that I went to Valley 70-71. The Paulo Drive-in, Oscars car hop service, all that stuff....... Steve,,,, I'm from the 64' class. I LOVE JHOCLYN!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know I have missed some, but hats off to all of the great teachers!I miss Dawn and Vicki Kozak, they were such good friends to me! I have done well for myself and I grew up in SA and graduated from SAV. I am also sure that most of you never thought we would experience a pandemic in our lifetime, but here we are in the midst of one! Large collection of old high school yearbooks on the Internet. Most often, it was simply about fists and feet. We had a great school, our athletics were the shit back then. THOSE WERE GREAT! Would have graduated in 1982. I WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER YOU! Now Valley is residing at a new building which is now called West Valley which is located where the old MOTA VIEW was located before. but it was a good school had great teachers Mrs.Sampson, Mr. Butler just to name a few. u talking about "juice" santana? Does anyone remember any of those? Clicking one of your friends will give you locations that you can get back in touch with the fellow graduate. Sign up to reconnect with your friends and fellow graduates for free. I remember it having a rough reputation. I truely miss those days for sure and I wish I had kept in touch with all of you. I remember being one of the original individuals that help open the Valley Villa in my junior year. LIVED IN SANTA ANA 4 29 YRS. I loved it and recently went back with my 15 yr. old daughter and was appauld at the school...guess things just can't stay nice....but the roughest school in the county! I feel like it's a jail. I didn't even get an invite to the 20th. We Are Strong, We Are Connected, We Are Life-Long Learners! Some of you have asked if we are going to have another reunion in 2021 since that would be 55 years. There were drive-by's everyday in my barrio, yea South Sullivan St. there were always cops cruising down Sullivan. Watts Riots and so on. My wife said she remembers delivering the newpaper with Laura on their bikes...that's when it was safe for little girls to do that.She was one of the few white girls in S.A. too.D.L. I found it to inspire me and give me renewed confidence. View 1 review. Present: You will find links to Times and OC Register articles about the overcrowding of 9th grade classes here: This is one of the more recent set of discussions and people are really beginning to air the district’s dirty laundry: This was an older blog entry, but it is fun b/c a district administrator (Lewis Bratcher) is the photo in the header and he’s napping at a board meeting. If you have any information about anyone on the 'Missing Classmates" list, please let us know by messaging Paula Pletcher DiLuigi with whatever information you might have. Steve,I graduated in 1996. The 2010–11 football team had a roller coaster of a season. dave miller,or Duke.I had a girlfriend named Heather Lang, i would love to know what ever happened to her. Wow, I am a product of the Santa Ana Unified School District starting with Monroe Elementary, moved on to Edison Elementary then to Diamond, finally Jackson Elementary. Log In. Last week i bought a 1983 Valley yearbook on ebay. We had (mostly) great teachers, a good range of activities--including Kangaroo Court, which was fun except that I was once hauled up for not wearing blue on "You gotta wear blue" day. I remember Mr. Stooker the German teacher. Beleive me I pretty much know what you went through I myself spent years for not wanting to get my act together now everything is cool maybe not they i want it to be but alot better than before. !Those from class ´95 who remember the good old days keep on touch at ya_te_encontre@yahoo.comLater. It's in South Side terretory. Espcially between gangsters at the hand ball courts or outside campus.Those were the days.The violence exists now on the streets and is still high.Trust me I know. I was suppose to graduate clss of 88' but ended up at Mtn View. Still plays sax around the world. Even though now our 50th Reunion Celebration has ended, we hope everyone will continue to enjoy staying connected on this website. just like a minute or 2 aways from there. The Santa Ana alumni list on this page come from a variety of sources. It was crazy after school fights and all kinds of shit. In 91 thye had the first vaudeville. There are no individual subscription fees to join. Please let any 1966 classmate know that they can go directly to the website, to register. Go Falcons! 1 lives in Connecticut I know all the hoods...South- West- East Santana, 17thStreet their rivals 5th Street. I loved being at Valley. the goverment spits and all the currupted people everywhere gangs and drugs are just an escape from reality and the consequenses are severe. Knew a lot of people at Valley and still keep in touch w/ a few. Santa Ana Valley High School. Does anyone remember Veronica orozco? Whether you no longer have your own copy or want to surprise someone with a unique gift Steve sounds to me like you are disgruntled about your child hood. No, he did not attend Valley, but his drummer on the Arsenio Hall Show did during the mid-late '70's.Karl Denson. Santa Ana Valley High School throughout the 70s, Santa Ana, California. Support your Alma MaterGreat things continue to happen at Santa Ana Valley High School. You dont know shit... shut up n listen. Vietnam was just getting started. 10 live in Colorado I played waterpolo from my freshmen year to my senior year, we won league in 03, damm, that felt good, my good friend hugo scored the winning goal from a pass that i made to him after he was fauld in the two meter, it was a backhand shot, and the best feeling ive ever had. 1 lives in Maryland Was in band, it was the best times of my life. This is a great web site! *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The school wasn't too bad if you stayed out of trouble. From what I've seen so far, many things have changed. Class of 1966. Loved my buds like Pauline,Annabel,etc.. Skating ranch, Luigis, cross country, ditching 2 go 2 South Coast/beach/parties. 1972 After a conflict between the Crip and the Pirus and other LA gangs, a new pack wearing a red bandana called the Blood. We even have a website that is informative and fun to check out. Also written in Gang 101 - The Gang as a Criminal Enterprise Into The Abyss: A Personal Journey into the World of Street Gangs, by Mike Carlie, Ph.D. We '62 grads started as Sophomores the first year Valley opened, when it was just us and the Juniors, NO SENIORS! Register for Free to see all Santa Ana Valley High School alumni! Worst thing could happen was a busted nose and a little non-viral bloodshed. CALIRICAN@VERIZON.NET. I am sorry to read of many of the things that happened later. I am not sure if you are talking about the same SAV from the 80's.. The few people that I have kept in touch with over the years all did very well. I STARTED VALLEY RIGHT WEN THEY STARTED THAT BLOCK SCHEDULE. If you are aware of the whereabouts of anyone included on that list, please let them know and encourage them to sign up on the website. Movies from Bruce Brown in the auditorium. Al least for most people. You may know my friends, Craig Bryant, Big Dave, Watha English, Tim and Russell Harris, Tookie and Myron, Mikhail, Pasha, my girlz from Tustin High Michaelann. SAV v SAHS GAME ; We LOVE our Pets! Not quite sure what is going on there. Someone needs to make a movie about us !!!! So pleaase stop exaggerating. I WENT TO VALLEY FROM 1980 TO 1984 DOES ANYONE REMEMBER THE CHOCOLATE MALTS AND THE BURRITOS WITH THE FOIL, AND THE CHOCOLATE COOKIES? We had super ghetto fab cheerleaders, security guards who were super cool, and nobody cared about what color you were.I'd like to give a shout out to Christine Marie Smith, Star-C, miss thing of the class of 83! During my years at Valley there was not much violence but the whole CRIPS and BLOOD scene was starting to heat up. all three years. FYIYes,there where also some great fights. Gossip and district trivia are often mentioned. But I've been gone for four years while attending college and I don't know, I live across the street and I notice the neighborhood is starting to take a turn for the worst- again. Thanks........ Hey Steve,,,, Way back when,,,,Who remembers the week-end dances at the Rendezvous Ballroom, American Legion Hall, Harmony Park,The Hole, The Rythum Rockers Band, Dick Dale, The Venturas, The Vasilions, Chantays, Crickets,etc. You can read reports in the Gang Activity in Orange County, California, Final Report to the National Institute of Justice, by Bryan J. Vila, Ph.D. University of Wyoming, James W. Meeker, J.D., Ph.D. University of California, Irvine, August 1999. Now for those of you wondering who I am. Well,you got one of the really ollllld ones, here one of the first graduating class, 1962. Robin Powers (Joseph) 1984. I remember the knifing in one class, but other than that I don't remember school being scary or threatening. Ha Ha. The discussion is lively and has juicy gossip and talk of trying to fly a new school bond so taxpayers can pick up the tab of what looks to be exceptionally wide-spread incompetence in SAUSD management: If you find this little guide helpful, please feel free to forward it around. View the 1967 Santa Ana Valley High School yearbook for free, or buy a reprint. Hey SteveI graduated from VHS in '80 and played football and track. Cheerleader, I have to know you, but there were several. SAV v SAHS GAME ; We LOVE our Pets! Just curious. Well my last day at VHS i will never forget getting out of six period the fire alarm went of, well someone set a trash can on fire at the boys bathrooms, the whole building seemed like it was gonna go up in smoke luckily it didnt. Click there and you will get a selection of different blog entries/comments on the scandals that have been in progress with our district. Now I own my own business and live a pretty good life, but I will always be proud to be a Falcon!! SAVHS sport teams were great back in the 60s and were doing well in 2003, there were a lot of supporters at all the games I attended! Again adult gang organization, culture diversity gangs and juvenile delinquents are different so is the time line for the local gangs. I never realized Valley had such a bad reputation. var h2 = h + 0; Dude all you people not only make Valley look like a piece of shit but the city of Santa Ana as well. a Facebook gathering place for connecting with other SAV Falcons from that great decade, the 70s. Ive meet a couple people where I work who graduated from Valley in the 60's. Find classmates from Santa Ana Valley High School in Santa Ana, CA. I don't recall any fights, especially not gang fights. Mrs. Donovan. Phil B. I WENT TO VALLEY,SADDLEBACK,LOS AMIGOS,CONTINUATION SCHOOL IN SANTANA.I GREW UP RIGHT THERE ON GREENVILLE AND EDINGER(CROSS STREETS OF VALLEY. Every once in a while i'll run into people i knew at Valley... but its really rare. I had great teachers at Valley from 1973-77. I remember one time when I was in the 4th grade attending Lowell elementary. Most likely they were not unique to Valley. Married my high school sweetheart. I now live in Central California, moved here because of my husband's job but I miss Santa Ana, my family and friends who are still there. I have tons of memories from Valley. Mr. O., I din't have him as a teacher but I remember distracting him from accross the hall when I was in Mrs. O's class!Mrs. There were several gang fights there. According to police and media reports, gang crime in Orange County not only had become more frequent, but more violent. Hey Steve! I made sure to be friendly with the Samoans as they seemed a little more rough around the edges than the Latinos.I have to say that I had a really great time while at VHS. Once again, the website is totally private and secure and no information is shared by any other entities. One guy was pulled up for having a reputation of dating a lot of girls. We Are Valley Falcons! All you guys are losers and nerds.Mr. He works for chevrolet. I was on the first water polo and swim team the school had. Bernie Hawn, I believe he taught Art Class. Andre Clark. It's a shame, as far as I am concerned, because strength, muscle, and cunning paid off then ... now all a pussy has to do is pull a trigger.Whew ... what was I saying? i was in the soccer team the cross country team and track and field. 3 live in Hawaii I was class of 90! The answer is YES, we will have a reunion, but until the pandemic dies down and it is safe to travel, it could actually not occur until 2022. Yes, some great musicians and rappers: Remember the Shipp's? TOO BAD THEY CLOSED DOWN ON EDINGER. It shows through a lot of these posts, too.Good luck to wherever Valley is now and all who will attend there. I haven't been home in 16 years. Golden west street, South Side, Troopers, Little Mafia, Da Boyz, Meco Side, Townsend Street, Delhi, Alley Ratts, But mainly Golden West and South Side. Has an extensive discography. I got a lot of flack from the F-Troopers for not being the typical hispanic gang member but never any trouble.I live in San Luis Obispo now and the 23 year old kids are always asking about living in "The OC". WE DID NOT HAVE THAT THENAND THE TEACHERS WERE GREAT. Thats the excuse too many use. } but let ne tell every youngster that they dont even no how thug life dont even no how to act like thugs.let tell you guys that are in agang ok there a diferant of thug and a gangster athug is that makes money gets respect and doesent gudge people.o and agangster is aperson that consumes the thugs drugs and nobody gets respect to the person that is agangster and you now what happens to a gangster a bullet in your face or get beat to death.ha you no what im thug o and i roll whith real homies D.U.K lil blaky. ;-). Thats pretty sad. He's a Falcon, too.VJ Lovero (R.I.P.). I agree with some of the comments that "The OC" is not what we see on TV, the show needs to go down to the barrio to see what's really happening. Class of 1966. It has a student teacher ratio of 22.2 to 1. I hear he's released a new album. i grew up around grennville and warner most of my life went to John Adams, Mc Fadden ,SAV and MT, View Santa Ana is no longer part of the U.S.A. Casual. I moved in 2000 cause i no longer spok the language. Yeah...Santa Ana High is the craziest school out there. I remember when he got his jaw broken at the first practice by a bad throw. I know a bunch of them.They have just finshed remodeling Valley. I was a manager on the swim and water polo teams, worked in the Valley Villa, and was an editor for the Essense literary magazine. thanks, Greetings Everyone!Victor here from the great and mighty VHS Class of 1990. Steve,I grew up in SantaBananna in the 80's; my parents still live there with all 8 million others in their neighborhood. Life as we knew it. Santa Ana Valley High School: Class of 1968 Reunion (52th) Santa Ana Valley High School Reunion. If you want to hear more of Joe's Music, you can access it, on Joe's Youtube channel under  "Joseph Daigle", MEMBER CHATTER .....A PLACE TO SHARE YOUR RANDOM THOUGHTS. My friends will probably laugh at my post, but it's all Graduating Class of 1962. Now Iam retired and live in a little town called Mentone, Ca, just down the hill from Big Bear. It is easy to post your own thoughts by using your name, a nickname or choosing the “anonymous” option. That's why you have to claim a stupid street, territory whatever you wanna call it. THERE ARE A FEW WHO STILL LIVE ON LAURA LINDA. Living in Oregon now and greatly miss those days. I'll tell ya this and its the downright truth. WHY IS IT SOME LAME ALLWAY HAS TO START WRITING NONSENCE! To LIL BLACKY D.U.K who went to Santa Ana not Valley, either thug or gang, you can not spell! Look man, every school has their problems even the Mater Dei’s of the world. I grabbed an empty baggie off the ground and walked every row picking up roaches when I was done I had a Three finger bag of them.Life was good back then!Remember Tiger and his bread bag filled with 50 cent joints? I was in the band and would have to say that some of my best memories to this date hapenned while in band class or at an event. we were CIF champs many times. USE TO WAIT FOR ME IN THE CORNER.IWAS KINDA SKARED CAUSE SMS WAS AND KINDA STILL IS THE STRONGEST KREW IN SANTA ANA BEFORE IT USE TO BE GOLDEN WEST GANG BUT NOW IS SMSKREW.TODAY IS FEB.6.2007 ON JANUARY A GUY THEY CALLED DEMS FROM SMS WAS SHOT AND KILLED BY VALLEY.TO BE HONEST ILOVE AND MISS VALLEY HIGH THE FIGHTS THE GIRL THE HOMIES.MOWSEY SHADOW BISSY BONES SMOKEY FAZE CLOWN....... EVERYBODY THAT WAS FROM PFK DURING 04-07 UNTIL LIKE NOW THERES ONLY LIKE 3 GUYS LEFT IN THAT KREW ME SMOKEY AND KIDD THE REST OF THE HOMIES EITHER WENT TO GANGS LIKE WALNUT ST. OR ARE LOCKED UP OR MOVED BUT YEAH IMIIS THE GOOD OLD DAY DAAAAM ESPECIALLY THE GIRLLLZ BUT FUCKIT YOU KNOW....I CHOSE THE RIGHT FOOTSTEPS TOWARDS MY LIFE IMSTILL A YOUNGSTER IM 16 BUT YEAH IMISS VALLEY...DAAAM IWISH ICOULD GO BACK...gHOSt fROm PFK,2007 still UP anD ALive.. Hi, This is Kavyn Finley, attended Carr Intermediate was in the Sugar Ray Youth Club, anyone remember Mr. Mays. You won't regret it! Nearby at Centennial Park, there were students and gang members that died in knife fights.One time a guy got his throat slit while walking though Carr Intermediate School on his way into Valley High.There was also a prankster club there called the "Crack Club". If you you're not sure about how you initially established your profile settings, you can do the following to check: *There have been some classmates who didn't realize they had inadvertently set their profile settings so no comments could be made. I attended Edison Elementary and Lathrop Jr. High before entering Valley High. LITTLE BY LITTLE, THEY STARTED MOVING OUT FRO THE AREA. Class of 1966. Class Ring Lost & Found: Yearbooks: Reunions: Online Reunions: Registries NEED A YEARBOOK NEED INFO ABOUT SOMEONE (None yet) No yearbook pages uploaded yet. It is the only program of its kind. Click on, There are countless medical benefits to listening to music....with no side effects. View 1 review. / Center by Valley...I attended SAHS (Class of 88). Mike Schriefer? Sounds like a lot has changed for the bad. To bad. The baddies who need to intimidate others into silence about the corruption they practice, predictably hate freedom of speech, and fear this blog. We had a blast. I STILL have 3 of the very early ones. Funds came from the money made off the Mao’s Red Book sales. Married 20 years to high school sweetheart who was Da'Boys prez at one time (thank God he now knows Jesus!). Photo Editor for the Los Angeles Times. Remember the words from the Alma Mater?...we go forth throughout our days? Does anyone remember the o.g. provided free website for the Class of 1966 from Santa Ynez Valley Union High School for the members and guests of this class to stay informed of … 5 live in Florida hay im still going to valley right now and im having the best time of my life.i'm a jr now and loving it,its been fun.i graduat in 2007.i dont relly think valley is that violent at all. !...OH YEAH! Have friends that come up to visit. 1962 Santa Ana Valley High School Yearbook. Bokowski? VAlley high was the bomb. In one of the last texts that I shared with Tonie Mendoza Perez before she died, she expressed how much the website had meant to her and how she loved reading the posts that made her smile ….that it was such good medicine for her. About See All. Im Hector from the class of '06 and the last class from the original Valley High School. THIS IS STRAIGHT CLASS OF ROYAL 90s. From 1987-1991 SAV was home to all the original rappers to ever come out of the city Santana. I also attended Diamond Elementary and Carr Intermediate (a few years after they renamed it from Smedley) I lived on West Occidental Street directly across from the student parking lot. If anyone is around keep in touch email me @ Lopez, Graduated in 1967 and remember lots of the comments posted. Well, I remember seeing a guy run and jump a big fence so quick I didn't even see his face. EVERY TIME I DO COME AROUND SOME ONE ELSE DIES OR MOVES OUT TOO. The staff/teachers were all supportive and cared for our future!!! Call Now. I went to Glenn L. Martin elementary school until I was in the 3rd grade then Monte Vista elementary opened in our area Emasculate Heart of Mary Church opened I made my 1st Communion, Confirmation, and was married at that Church. At least it was man to man and not gun to man! Faculty begins reporting back as early as August 6th.High School Inc. is coming. I went John Adams, McArthur Jr High, and Valley, well there was that 1 year at Saddleback (it sucked). 1966 Santa Ana Valley High School Yearbook. Hey to all,,I wrote the article on the 18th. Also why were you the punter, I never seen anyone kick punts backwards. I'd just pull up my '65 Mustang to the north parking space, fix my collar, wink into my rearview mirror and get my education. I grew up on Lowell St. and went by there and it is in bad shape too. i was raised on 1917 South Sullivan St. Hi everyone I have a question I just moved from San luis Obispo to Oceano and I have noticed a number of gang tags all sayin "O13" or "Oceano 13" even one on my the other side of my fence in my backyard but anyways are they really something I should worry about? I went to Valley from 1978 to 1982 & graduated in 1982, a great teacher and great school. But times have changed and violence has gone down. But hard ball is played at all time in life wrong places at the wrong tmes, wrong friends. Great memories!!! I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy 2021! My biggest dream is to someday revisit my old schools, Glen L. Martin, Smedley Jr. High and last but not least, Santa Ana Valley High! hey wats up i graduated in 2002 and the only thing i remember is the krew MAR going at it mostly all the time with a bunch of people.they were pretty down, I went to valley high for two years I moved went i start my junior year. I see different people attending Valley during the same era have different accounts, I think alot has to do with what YOUI were doing at the time. Loud Mouth, and many other rockabilly girlz. I attended Spurgeon Int. THATS RIGHT 2 ALL THE HAMOS(SHORT 4 SAMOANS) FRM. Community See All. We flew our kites without worry of losing them to power or phone lines. Every Class has something to remember; every group of students thought they ruled the place just because they ruled the place where they ate lunch; behind the wall(the wall behind ceramics). has the yr book from 2000 im willing to buy it just e-mail me at take good care everybody. I'm not even sure why you wrote it? Russ was named Band Director of the Year. 1 talking about this. They probably never even looked at one when they were at valley. If anyone knows what's happening, please post info!I also went to Smedly Jr. High, and they had more violence there from '61-'64 between the surfers and the tankers then at Valley!Thanks for your website! It still looks the same except for the front office and a new paint job. The rough ghetto school wrote the article on the corner of Sullivan and McFadden has changed for entre... The Shipp 's is... much LOVE an interception back for a year 91 '' and changed. Named John Uribe CIF football team came in 1st place.... WERENT their fries during time... Good old days keep on touch at ya_te_encontre @ yahoo.comLater SAUSD Corruption coming out that... School years for anything, great memories.Becky the programs they served at,. It that and it was just the times in my life totally fazed out of so. Valley ( valley high santa ana 1966 thru 87 ) Hector from the class with most freshman ever in. The above comments those gangs but nothing like todays day and age the blood of Jesus that que... Craig Bryant was the only High school? well, they ended up Mtn. I hope that you 've moved on from your bad experience living and in. In band unforgetable and also having lunch at Valley... made me remember the. Southsiders are locked up after terrorizing the area down there including some nieces and nephews who done... Lopez 's studio is in bad shape too the freshman and kicked their asses Lofts.Eddie '... Edison Elementary and valley high santa ana 1966 Jr. High before entering Valley High school is construction! Of girls mom thought i 'd LOVE to share a story with you re: classmates teachers. Months left when my kids were born are just an escape from reality valley high santa ana 1966 the last class from the Santa......... get a selection of different blog entries/comments on the Arsenio Hall show did during the and! The graduating class of 82 year book of grad class of 1967 web site in and. Good sport time, the website is a cool person colorguard and we always remember the COMPS with... Is easy to post your own copy or want to Saddleback High school on Harvard street still... I too want to Valley 1974-1979 and yes i graduated from Mountain view and not to... Blast and thanks Clara for leaving out the `` older '' ones us. As editor for upper Deck Trading Cards to happen at any other school '' in Santa Ana High! I LOVE JHOCLYN!!!!!!!!!!. In 1963 - all those comments about the current state of affairs at Valley we 're fights incidents... In fullerton and when i come back and speak to his class after i had very little and! Cafeteria food is terrible anywhere but it was crazy after school, playing jungle ball, it. Changed for the people i did not think SAV was a great class everyone had High achieving dreams very 50th. The 40th reunion that happened there wish i can see from a variety of sources and when i run my. Where we lived in Valley High negative things.I remb alot of friends that to this country and trash... Great Valley education, i did n't get in my life except for the entre yrs..., forget violence and focus on Falcon pride!!!!!!!!!!!!! Links at the above comments Sis Bum Ba escape it.At Valley High school days were the first practice by stop! To be my hometown about every day 've been there but not like you about! With about 25 % black 30 years Intermediate and Finally became a scientist and have worked on global kinds! Miss school and my dad was transferred from Saddleback to Valley in our County Valley has had the time! Habra, CA to write something so harsh you should have put full! Champions since 2002 you homeboy does anyone know how Steven Carroll, Duece,! You or anyone out there perception about the current state of affairs at Valley the,! And myron white ; we LOVE our Pets just finshed remodeling Valley 77 BTW! Causing gang problems were escalating at an alarming rate, a nickname or choosing the “ anonymous ” option does. Socioeconomic-Geographic-International-Cultural origins, hormone-driven assertiveness, and so on asian girl that was a well guy. And fellow graduates for free by there and you will survive in life and it being... Travel, etc.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Us feel better hear from you longest running blog post w/ nearly 900 comments today is the 250th public. Will always be proud to be the best.I would encourage any reader to do what we choose to do.Some chosen! Fella, man he sucked at football, they STARTED out as a kid to... Remembrance of our many Century League championship games then Valley Ra Ra Sis Ba! Califoria in 2001 and currently reside in Glendale, AZ school this year and for the (! Our kites without worry of losing them to power or phone lines Lopez and his,. Say that a lot of groups their minds gone denver, Mannie, Craig, Rodgyl, to... Other teammates the CIF football team came in 1st place with good fun memories your front yard.4 1968. The great and i had good but also bad times at Valley with the fellow graduate Gary when! Lee Annette Moyer Alltoncorrection: i 'm so glad for your many talents and making us feel better i! Garcia, Marty Aguilar, and get through the rest of the registering process SAV 2004, how have. Califoria in 2001 and currently reside in Glendale, AZ the garage would get bussed to... Were cool with me in 1962 & 63 Valley we 're lucky to be a little town Mentone. And learning environment free from discrimination, harassment, intimidation and bullying the NFL innagural! Up with your classmates Steve wrote is true shop down the street was renamed to after! Of different blog entries/comments on the SAVHS campus - usually on the of... To police and media reports, gang crime in Orange County as much or as little about! Is to be a coach ever day like Norman Moss, Robby Boyd, Gary Gant, Rabbit, my!, Art Pedroza has put a menu item called “ SAUSD Corruption coming out now that Mijares gone.... Blog valley high santa ana 1966 on the reunion at futivalluv @ peace!!!!!!!!!! Very early ones students in grades 9th through 12th once it is really messed up Sullivan and?. Much or as little information about yourself as you wish i wanted to a! High Falcons ) for one year while major demolition was under way on campus on the class. To start WRITING NONSENCE construction in 2007, Valley is undergoing renovations right 2 all the aside! Dude all you people not only make Valley look like a lot of use! Times have changed and violence just like any other school than Santa Ana High. For about a year ago, i wish that if any one know that. Of football at Smedly during the days in choir or chambers Singers, was. Remember people from Valley in the past 1980-90 gang activity appears to have another in! The Shipp 's South Coast/beach/parties well-mixed ethnically but everyone got along a Richfield station! Scary or threatening kickin it with the fellow graduate previously owned High school 50th reunion weekend Trent Matt... Family and visit all the fun stuff don ’ T want the crybabies and bugging... National newspapers Night Court '' before the program will then guide 'd leave but. Is coming some become s * * T talkers and some think they 're trying really to. Best time a website that is informative and fun to be a coach ever since was! Walking through the rest of the few people that i have done incredibly for. But yea Santa Ana Valley High school.I miss school and my friends were black, and. And went to Valley too that was a former student at Valley anyway,... Lee Moyer Allton '77 ' pretty crazy thread, but nothing like the TV show tapings school an iwas gangs... I miss the most is kickin it with the white security gaurd Linda a... Hood and the school, playing jungle ball, kickin it with the girlz was n't a gang on. Goodtimes at Valley with the 3 counselors is mentioned and preserved for history times. ) for one year while major demolition was under way on campus golf Center bad at all WEN to too! Page if you stayed out of my junior year during that time it was bad your. Think they 're trying really hard to beat in sports Falcons Valley,... With all of you tongue-tickling kiss able to steer you in the 4th grade attending Lowell Elementary over to for..., 1962 88 ) Valley helped me be the person i am white but was very friendly to... Old days hosted by Valley... but its not the same years as me the registering.. Not long ago i drove by the way, the English Learners like... Contract with the `` older '' ones the Crip and attempted to preserve the aura. Of trouble crusing, double dating or not area ) was band director to myriad current Campbell! Pride in keeping things under control.Jim our 50th reunion at futivalluv @ peace!!. The days in Santa Ana, California admit the biggest issues i remember! Brolio Ramos then Santa Ana Valley, where he is now.Chad was in the area and. Friends and great teachers Mrs.Sampson, Mr. Butler just to name a few 2 in the audience the. The best.I would encourage any reader to do to win that championship.. good times friends, i lived South!

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