unparalleled in a sentence

The luxury of a cruise vacation is unparalleled when it comes to Celebrity cruise ships. It guides you step by step through each payroll activity offering unparalleled ease of use. unparalleled. Burke, no doubt, in the course of that unparalleled trial showed some prejudice; made some minor overstatements of his case; used many intemperances; and suffered himself to be provoked into expressions of heat and impatience by the cabals of the defendant and his party, and the intolerable incompetence of the tribunal. To us defeat in a maritime war would mean a disaster of almost unparalleled magnitude in history. Yet she one day exhibited an amount of intelligence absolutely unparalleled in my experience. 48. We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. to which authors had to address themselves; and an unparalleled development of mental activity necessitated wholesale drafts upon the Chinese vocabulary. His capture of the Spanish frigate "El Gamo" (32) on the 6th of May 1801 was indeed a feat of unparalleled audacity. The formation is noted for its regularity as regards both the thickness and the gold-tenor of the ore-bearing reefs, in which respect it is unparalleled in the geology of the auriferous formations. The book has enjoyed a success unparalleled in recent publishing history. Outstanding features include a large number of Norwich silver items and an exceptional group of pre Reformation patens unparalleled in other Dioceses. 54. Selections from it called Caribbeana (1741) and A Brand Plucked from the Burning, Exemplified in the Unparalleled Case of Samuel Keimer (1718) are from his pen. unparalleled in a sentence - Use "unparalleled" in a sentence 1. An unparalleled coincidence, but one which now strikes me as … The etymology may be wrong, but this is the popular sense of the word. heroism shown by them, especially in the unparalleled siege of Derry, has never been surpassed in the annals of mankind. In the autumn of 1096 the nobles of France and Italy, joined by the Norman barons of England and Sicily, set out to wrest the Holy Land from the unbelievers; and for more than a century the cry, " Christ's land must be won for Christ," exercised an unparalleled power in Western Christendom. For exposure of the total depravity of the natural man 's heart, this treatise is unparalleled in all of Christian literature. The view from the top of the hill is unparalleled but all too brief, and the coaster plummets straight down and twists through a 270 degree spiral on its way back to earth. The disasters of the early part of the second Punic War revealed an unparalleled religious nervousness: portents and prodigies were announced from all quarters, it was felt that the divine anger was on the state, yet there was no belief in the efficacy of the old methods for restoring the pax deum. unparalleled reputation in the world of children's books. You can also find multiple synonyms or similar words of Unparalleled. He has written over 90 books and has an unparalleled reputation in the world of children 's books. Diirer's powers of hand and eye are already extraordinary and in their way almost unparalleled, but they are often applied to the too insistent, too glittering, too emphatic rendering of particular details and individual forms, without due regard to subordination or the harmony of the whole. Synonym: exceptional , extraordinary , incomparable , matchless , remarkable , unbeatable , unequaled , unsurpassed . adjective If you describe something as unparalleled, you are emphasizing that it is, for example, bigger, better, or worse than anything else of its kind, or anything that has happened before. Parallel Structure in a Sentence or Phrase . . Etymology sentence examples. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. 60. 81. The unparalleled spread of ultramontane ideas (see Ultramontanism) brought about a centralization of authority at Rome such as would have appalled the 18th century. In 1818 he resumed his labours at Emmitsburg, and from this time until 1834 he held an almost unparalleled place in the American church, being constantly consulted by clergy throughout the country, besides lecturing, teaching, preaching and caring for his parish. The complex ground plans of Himeji Castle in Japan are unparalleled anywhere in the world.. Legendre, who recommended that it should be published in the Recueil des savants strangers, an unparalleled honour for a youth of eighteen. Today we’ll discuss parallel structure and show how faulty parallelism can ruin a sentence without breaking any rules of grammar.. Self-editing is part of writing. This has been a freedom fight which was unparalleled in the world, with the young generation at the head of the nation. Through science and technology we aim to provide MOD with innovative concepts, solutions to problems and an unparalleled breadth of technical advice. Living his life at the intersection of people and technology, Daniel works with the world’s largest technology brands exploring Digital Transformation and how it is influencing the enterprise. unparalleled definition: 1. having no equal; better or greater than any other: 2. having no equal; better or greater than…. One of the most impressive things about KISS, besides their catchy rock melodies and unparalleled stage performances, has always been Gene Simmons' marketing and merchandising genius. With an unparalleled number of tourists attending the Olympics, the city is concerned about not having enough hotel rooms. In fact, this tankini's sleek design and unparalleled coverage makes this style quite the stunner. The man's cupidity for material possessions was unparalleled.His cupidity led him to problems and in the end resulted in a prison sentence. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. (Getty Images) English. There are several major river systems spanning this tiny country and offering visitors unparalleled opportunities to experience Costa Rican wildlife. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. After in vain attempting to obtain an apology for " the unparalleled outrage against a friendly power " he issued on the 10th of December a solemn hatti sheriff summoning the faithful to a holy war. In addition, due to its location atop exclusive Nob Hill, The Fairmont boasts unparalleled views of the Bay Area. And accomplished all this while maintaining an incredible style-ishness that remains unparalleled today. By using parallel structure, the writer indicates that all of the items in the list are of equal importance.

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