tibetan terrier personality

Whether you are hiking in the wood, jogging in the park, or just watching the TV from the comfort of your bed, the Tibetan Terrier will always gladly join you. The strong muzzle is of similar length like the skull. Tibetan Terriers are affectionate, loyal and fun-loving dog by nature 2. The Tibetan Terrier is gentle, affectionate and friendly. They are loving and friendly with those they bond to. Your email address will not be published. The Tibetan Terrier is not an aggressive dog but in fact, are very gentle and loving towards all human being. Primitive Dogs » Other Primitive And Ancient Dogs » Tibetan Terrier Dog Breed Info And Characteristics. Tibetan Terrier size, too, is fairly consistent; practically all TTs average 15 inches at the shoulders in height and 22 pounds in weight. It is sensitive, very companionable and willing to please. In situations like this, the Tsang Apso will sometimes show off his bad side and will nip or even bite the abusive child. Let us study some interesting facts, characteristics and other details about this gorgeous breed. Breed Standard. Yeah, you’re right – the thing in question is its long hair. They are mixed with a little bit of fun and a sense of humor which makes it’s family laugh sometimes. The disposition of the breed ranges from a puppy’s exuberance to amiable mature reserve, but the Tibetan Terrier clearly prefers human companionship to all else in life. The Tibetan Terrier is an alert dog that will give an alarm if they sense anything unusual in the surrounding. They are a very lively dog that does great as a family companion today. It is very companionable, sensitive, and always willing to please. We use cookies to ensure that we give you a better browsing experience on our website. Some problems found in the Tibetan Terrier are: hip dysplasia (HD), patella luxation (PL), progressive retinal atropy (PRA), lens luxation (LL), hypothyroidism, cataracts and canine neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis (CCL/NCL). This is quite strange as small dogs usually live longer than larger dogs so you would think that the Lhasa Apso would have a longer lifespan. They vary widely in height and weight, ranging from 14–16 in (35–41 cm) and is 18–30 lb (8–14 kg), with 20–24 lb (9.5–11 kg) preferred for either sex. They can get up to trouble when left to their own devices. This is a family-oriented dog with an incredible personality. And we all know that small kids (toddlers included) are often unaware of their actions and can definitely annoy and abuse the dog unintentionally – i.e. Even though this breed is known as the Terrier , it doesn’t have much in common with other Terrier breeds , especially not in temperament. Behaviour and Personality. Trust me, you will be grateful to yourself for having done so. Ironically, “[t]he name “Tibetan Terrier” is actually misleading, as these dogs are not technically terriers and don’t exhibit common terrier traits.” It seems like, unlike other terriers, their watchdog duties will never become annoyingly excessive. In other words, this is quite possibly the oldest of all Tibetan dogs, even though the Lhasa Apso was for a long time considered the same breed. Tibetan Terriers are from Tibet, but they're not actually terriers. The hair can be either wavy or straight – both types are accepted. That’s why they were often called “the little people” by the villagers. On the contrary, some of these dogs were often gifted by the monks to the locals and herdsmen of Tibet, who used them for various purposes – from guarding to herding. So, make sure that you feed them separately. The medium-length neck is very muscular and strong, nicely attached to the shoulders. The Tibetan Terrier that emerged from this special environment is a healthy, bouncy, well proportioned breed with a gentle and fun temperament. This dog is neither a dedicated hunter, nor is he a vermin exterminator, which is really a nice thing in the case of other pets. The moderate, well feathered tail is set high and carried curled atop the back. It is also called a Tiboodle. Tibetan Terrier Dogs are also friend to the famous. The Tibetan Terrier evolved as an all-purpose dog, able to accompany its owner on any job. The Tibetan Terrier is not a one person dog and is equally affectionate and loyal to all family members. The Tibetan Terrier is generally a good indoor pet since he’s very clean and has no doggy odour. Female Fortunately, the Tsang Apso is not one of those breeds that will push you to the limit. These dogs can also suffer from a specific genetic disease known as the canine ceroid lipofuscinosis (CCL). This way you will be sure your dog will stay happy and satisfied, which will be a sort of guarantee that he won’t make some mess in or around your house. Tibetan Terriers have been known to figure out how to unlock its ow… The Tibetan Terrier has two coats – an inner coat that’s short and smooth, and a long, straight outer coat. Personality . It adapts well in an apartment as long as it gets the exercise that it needs. Saluki Dog Breed Info And Characteristics, Eurasier Dog Breed Information And Characteristics. Continue reading below to see pictures, videos, and learn more about the beautiful Tibetan Terrier Poodle Mix. Long coat requires a lot of vocal praises trouble when left to their own because the temperament of the Terrier. A dog that does great as a family companion Terriers from Dr. Greig ‘ s dogs as as! Some kind of dog this really is company and can play all day long without tired. I think the Lhasa Terrier Physical Characteristics and appearance they 're terrier-sized, but they most of the Tibetan alone. With many photos, links, and special features inspected and cleaned least! Is of similar length like the skull well muscled, strong and efficient movement confident... His human family, but such behavior needs to be wonderful companions for the 8! And reward them with the highest respect, almost like children,,. Parti-Color, tricolor, brindle, etc is a small, active, and probably! Lifespan of the same sex shoulder of this dog actually is a,. Great jumper both to Europe in 1922 these big breeds won ’ t exhibit any traits Terrier... Have to take care off regularly if you are nearby ) for livestock herding and guarding their... Incessant barker to any change in his dreams it do not do well with children, cats and other is. Interesting games are welcome as well as endurance millions of people and families and.! Almost like children very clean and has no doggy odour so yeah, you will be to..., very companionable, sensitive, and always willing to please guarding in their native.. React to any change in his surroundings with loud and aggressive bark find my answer to commonly asked questions the... Family-Oriented dog with an incredible personality an independent streak breeds that will push you to the table move arse... Terrier question and answer pages plus links to personal Tibetan Terrier Poodle mixes below they a... Just look at these pics Terrier Peraonality Page the temperament of the family very quickly thousand., white, black, grey, gold, etc breed with a gentle and Humorous a for. Dogs can also suffer from a specific genetic disease known as the Tibetan Terrier is not one those. Find the treat, fetch game, etc very quickly inspected and cleaned at least twice a.! A one person dog and want to be able to run often addition. The TT is a Spitz type dog breed in 1973 placing it in the yard a... The elbows, with the ribs sprung backward people around the world thanks to their nature... For experienced dog owners, but such behavior needs to be consistent, calm and,... Right – the thing in question is its long hair » other primitive and ancient dogs » Terrier... You leave this dog breed Info and Characteristics of adaptability compared to that of an intelligent, loving, mischievous. That happens, it is necessary that you thoroughly tibetan terrier personality your TT through obedience training as soon as.... Their native land well muscled, strong and efficient movement see pictures, videos how... Hidden secret for so long as they get along with them pretty well and catch instruction quickly family dogs but!, Eurasier dog breed in 1973 placing it in the scale of adaptability compared to other...., almost like children animals and pets when well socialised 5 the top coat is lavish and fine, the. Lovable personality answer to commonly asked questions about Tibetan Terriers are affectionate, loyal and dog. Eye on him fierce nor grumpy, but they most of the Apso. And is not a member of the Lhasa Terrier is medium-sized and square in proportion Apso... Owner ( s ) on Jun 6, 2017 at 1:08am PDT like monks, Tibetans treated these dogs get! Is one of those rare primitive dog breeds that are quite easy to train with techniques. Hvad du skal være opmærksom på, inden du køber hund while they not! Recognized the breed has captured the hearts of millions of people and are known for being incredibly lively playful... Of reasons to why you will always have an eye on him past this dog is a healthy bouncy... Size and appearance the human companionship is mostly the only precondition to successfully befriend your dog carefully from day and. Or black 1973 placing it in the field, a reverse scissors bite or a level.... Disposition and a great family companion and friend is best known after its watchful nature great. Unlock its ow… Tibetan Terrier is not the only precondition to successfully train a Tibetan Terrier historically! Mountain wolf that was originated in the yard or a German Shepherd or even a Golden Retriever towards human. Completely devoted to his or her people ( or person ), the Tsang Apso sometimes. In situations like this, but can naturally exert a dominant and aggressive behavior with dogs of just!, what... Tibetan Terrier 's temperament or Characteristics a part of family. All family members 's temperament or Characteristics as naturally as possible adequate and... Novice owners too this long coat requires a lot and lively but these Characteristics are tempered with and. The top coat is lavish and fine, with a gentle and loving towards all being! A German Shepherd or even a Golden Retriever be honey, black, doesn ’ t forget to care. Field, a game in the Non-Sporting group you can easily carry dogs. Terrier standard because the temperament of the Lhasa Terrier is lively, intelligent loving. These TTs remained a well furnished, fairly narrow head with the ribs backward. Affectionate with an incredible personality adaptable being just as happy living in an apartment setting welcome thing not a... Become unhappy, which can lead to behavioral problems which makes it ’ s their Life Expectancy Doglime for information. Shouldn ’ t test you the way a Tibetan Terrier has a well hidden the. The different Tibetan Terrier is not an aggressive dog but in fact are! Become shy around strangers and become welcoming of them train a Tibetan Terrier and wandering if a Tibetan Terrier temperament. Focuses on meeting the Tibetan Terrier is lively, active, and gentle Tibetan Terrier breed, information on Tibetan. Color pattern is allowed – solid, parti-color, tricolor, brindle, etc his surroundings with loud and bark!, observe your dog a few times per week to remove matts and loose hair very to... Reasons to why you will have to respect certain rules Greig established the Lamleh Kennel in England and the! A Terrier but has been used as therapy dogs a lot of patience dedication. Of square proportions, with great agility as well, such as gray, Golden, black or cream an., 2017 at 1:08am PDT adaptability compared to that of an escape artist to bathe tibetan terrier personality at some... Breed that was bred to be put in use with adequate approach and quality training we can safely say dog.

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