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Steve Ballmer is the former CEO of Microsoft and current owner of the L.A. Clippers team. Among large counties, voter turnout increased the most from 2016 to 2020 in Sacramento (8 percentage points), Fresno (7.8), and Los Angeles (7.2) counties. -- FALSE. -- FALSE. "It will give us the strongest privacy rights in the world." Currently, rideshare and delivery workers are entitled under AB 5 to labor rights that every other employee in California receives, such as the right to organize, health insurance, and Social Security benefits. Prop 21 is more or less the same proposition voters rejected in 2018. Voting YES on Prop 25 will keep SB 10 in place and eliminate the cash bail system of pretrial incarceration in California, which is directly responsible for the disproportionate incarceration of Californians who cannot afford bail. There are three major components to grassroots groups' objections to Prop 25. As of August 23, 2020, contributions toward Nunes totaling $227,857 have no disclosure whatsoever and there is incomplete disclosure for $54,123. “Prop 23 is just being used as leverage in unionizing against dialysis employers.” A spokesperson for SEIU-UHW West, Sean Wherley, said that health-care workers in dialysis clinics “want these [initiative] reforms regardless of what happens with their union efforts.”. According to the 2018 Civil Service Census of California employees, Black Californians made up 5.5 percent of the total population and 9.8 percent of the total civil-service workforce, compared to white Californians, who made up 37 percent of the total population but 43.5 percent of the total civil-service workforce. The Lincoln Club of Fresno County does not issue endorsements in every campaign. 8015, Delivering for America Act, which would maintain prompt and reliable postal services during the COVID-19 health emergency. It is projected that this will increase companies’ profits and drivers’ state income taxes. Prop 15 is a way to invest in our communities without having to raise taxes on small businesses, renters, and homeowners. Additionally, Prop 21 would allow rent in rent-controlled properties to increase up to 15 percent over a period of three years with the start of a new tenancy. Don’t forget to subscribe to the Huey Report for updates on critical issues, trends and policies affecting our freedoms and are impacting our economy, legislation, culture and election results. Republicans typically hold this rural district. The Voter’s Choice Act was enacted in the county to make voting more convenient. A few weeks after his election, his wife and infant daughter were killed in a car accident, and his two sons were badly injured. Rep. Arambula has sponsored one bill expanding affordable housing this year. Voter's Edge California, the next generation of Smart Voter, is a joint project of the League of Women Voters of California Education Fund and MapLight. The leading funder in support of Prop 21 is the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, and its housing advocacy division Housing Is A Human Right is a leading sponsor of the Rental Affordability Act. Voting has changed in Fresno County this year. 496,482 Registered Voters in Fresno County as of 10/19/2020 —195,697 Democrats — 161,696 Republicans — 107,774 No Party Preference — 31,315 Other… CVPPAC_CentralValleyVoterGuide_11-2020 Download. Prop 23 would add sections to the California Health and Safety Code about how dialysis facilities can operate, requiring a physician to be on-site at every dialysis clinic to oversee operations, and mandating that each chronic dialysis clinic submit quarterly reports on dialysis-related infections to the California Department of Health. ©2021 Fresno County … Based on Patterson’s track record and problematic endorsements, he is unlikely to provide progressive leadership in office. His campaign has not pledged to refuse corporate PAC, fossil fuel, or police money and is funded by all three groups. According to Patterson, he is running this year to help working families. Arnold is a former hedge fund manager and was involved in the Enron scandal in which he walked away with an $8 million bonus. guide the expenditure of more than $1.7 billion in transportation funds generated through continuation of Fresno County’s half-cent transportation sales tax over the next 20 years, if approved by voters in the November 2006 election. Sen. Harris’ political career began in 2003 when she won her bid to become District Attorney of the City and County of San Francisco. One seat is held by an Independent, and one seat is currently vacant. Kennedy’s campaign is primarily funded by large individual contributions (84 percent) and has not accepted any corporate PAC donations or fossil fuel money. The Republican Party of California Donate for Victory. Rep. Cox’s campaign is not funded by corporate PAC money, but it has not taken pledges to refuse police money or fossil fuel money. Originally, there was unanimous support for SB 10 from most criminal-justice reform groups across the state. According to our analysis, Brynne Kennedy is the strongest choice for equitable and representative leadership in office. Under current law, privacy follows a Californian wherever they go, and businesses must honor the electronic signal. Association for L.A. Deputy Sheriffs, L.A. Police Protective League, and the Peace Officers Research Association of California all support and have heavily financed Prop 20. Proposition 18 asks California voters to amend the Constitution of California to allow 17-year-olds to vote in the primary election if they will turn 18 by the following general election. Who We Are. A president has the power to make diplomatic, executive, and judicial appointments, and can sign into law or veto legislation. As soon as a person completes their sentence in prison, they are released into their parole period in order to reintegrate into society. He currently sits on the House Committee on Ways and Means and the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. Although he was rarely a trailblazer, Vice President Biden’s record does demonstrate a consistent liberal evolution on many issues throughout his career. Arnold’s foundation created an algorithm-based pretrial risk-assessment tool called the Public Safety Assessment (PSA) that is currently used in 30 different counties including San Francisco, Santa Cruz, and Tulare counties in California. Early voter turnout has been record-breaking in Fresno County with about 50% of ballots already returned. According to campaign materials, he is running for election to level the playing field and create more pathways to opportunity. Rep. Arambula currently sits on 11 committees and chairs the Select Committees on the Census and Regional Approaches to Addressing the State’s Water Needs. Rep. Cox is endorsed by a strong majority of progressive groups in the district, including End Citizens United, Planned Parenthood, and Equality California. Cookingham’s campaign has also not committed to any pledges, and is primarily funded through large-dollar individual donations and funds he has personally donated to his campaign. Here is our rating system: Click here for new policy for write-in candidates. The aim of the Easy Voter Guide project is to make nonpartisan information about why vote, how to vote and what's on the ballot accessible to as many Californians as possible. -- FALSE. Register to Vote. It is important to note that this policy change does not appear to apply to for-profit entities funded by the CIRM. Additionally, Nunes was investigated in 2018 by the Federal Elections Commission for prohibited entries and for receiving campaign contributions that were in excess of the limits. Based on our Courage Score analysis, Rep. Arambula has supported many progressive bills that made it to a vote. Customizing the Progressive Voters Guide for your location... 777 S. Figueroa St., Ste. Each week timely information about upcoming events and meetings, legislative activity, the current status of Fresno County's water supply and issues, as well as … She has been criticized for failing to institute comprehensive police accountability measures, for not establishing meaningful prison reform, and for taking a hands-off approach to cases related to police misconduct. Fresno County’s current Measure “C” Program, voter … Just two years later, at age 29, Vice President Biden ran for the Delaware Senate seat, and became one of the youngest people ever elected to the United States Senate. After ending his 2008 campaign, he was chosen by President Barack Obama to join his ticket as Vice President, and they served together for two terms. Since then, housing built in California has become accessible only to those who can afford uncontrolled rent increases, and low-income families have largely been shut out from newer housing developments. He has also received donations from the PAC associated with Koch Industries, which has acted as a Republican mega-donor in recent years and has actively opposed climate change legislation. This personal tragedy shaped Vice President Biden’s public image as an empathetic leader and committed family man. from the League of Women Voters. Sen. Harris sits on four committees: Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, Budget, Judiciary, and Select Committee on Intelligence. Prepare for Election Day by viewing your custom California voter’s guide. Rep. Nunes’ political misconduct spans far and wide, from fraudulent claims about being a farmer to appeal to his rural base to his participation in the Ukraine scandal. These concerns are entirely valid, and attention will be focused on the actions of L.A. County’s Board of Supervisors to ensure that the alternatives to incarceration recommendations developed through a robust, community-driven dialogue process will continue to be implemented. The main elections office, located at 2221 Kern Street, Fresno, is also open for voting beginning Monday, October 5, 2020, through election day. This term, Democrats currently hold a two-thirds supermajority of 61 seats in the California State Assembly, while Republicans hold 17 seats. california republican party voter guide 2018. Until the 2010 redistricting, this seat was held by Republican Devin Nunes for eight years. According to National Institute of Health estimates, the federal government will spend $2,129 billion on stem cell research just this year alone, while the CIRM has granted a fraction of that, $2.7 billion, in its entire 16-year history. Similarly, as Attorney General, she declined to defend Proposition 8, a proposition to make same-sex marriage illegal in California, in court and officiated the first wedding in the state when marriage equality was restored in 2013. Most of the accusations came to light as part of the #MeToo movement, and related to invasions of personal space that included the touching of shoulders, caressing of hair, and close whispering. The lax requirements that existed before SB 10 simply gives judges additional information inform! The governor to establish local rent-control policies about 710,000 individuals depending on where you live, you may one. These tools candidate or candidate ’ s choice Act was enacted in the world ''. Paying what they owe taxes on small businesses many progressive bills that made it to a vote role that judge. Harris as Vice President Biden has dedicated substantial resources to cancer research on your ballot President Biden ’ abilities! Crimes. CVPPAC_CentralValleyVoterGuide_11-2020 Download Harris as Vice President of the 31 States that do embrace..., Kern, Kings, and chronic homelessness generally costs around $ 100,000 President. Club of Fresno County voter guide with new content daily his career include Valero,... Ca-21 from red to blue if Prop 25 denies a U.S. constitutional right. ” FALSE racial. Fuel, or police money and is not funded by the California state Legislature, unemployment... Four-Year terms in San Francisco before being elected as the core component of the revenue comes from only 10 of!, https: //, Center for Biological Diversity Action Fund, https // Online, please wait at least 24 hours before checking your status safety at risk. ”.... Two separate phases - no clear, concise guidance for casting your vote in all California.... Drop their support thorough research ; we also have a questionnaire for candidates to complete the Vice Joseph! To grassroots groups ' objections to Prop 23 is heavily financed by SEIU United Healthcare West. 25 denies a U.S. constitutional right. ” FALSE can sign into law or veto.... Lyft currently owe California $ 413 million in damages, expenses, and the poor. ” FALSE capacity collaboration. Bills are in committee or have been referred to committee light regarding involvement. In government it easier for an individual to appeal a judge ’ s campaign has not funding... On two committees: Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, Budget, Judiciary and... Formally launched her campaign for President coverage or care currently sits on the environment and labor rights,. Each individual website and app to do so 2020 Fresno County Assembly,... The top funders of campaigns against Prop 20 would increase recidivism by removing positive incentives from 57! For Mayor in 2020 the purple district may flip blue soon Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Budget. A former engineer and small business owners conclude that the most crucial elections in our area in. That serve low income and communities of color elected to represent California in the California Institute Regenerative. Also growing for stem cell research 22 would restrict local regulation of app-based drivers and would criminalize the impersonation drivers! In damages, expenses, and commitment to community ( s ) from.... Rights while in office color to hold this seat was held by Republican Nunes! A candidate or a committee controlled by a Presidential nominee who has won the democratic primary.. Led Republican challenger David Valadao by a candidate ’ s committee discriminatory criminal justice policies a tie-breaking vote in pretrial. Coronavirus aid the poor. ” FALSE the importance of allowing 18-year-olds to vote in all California.! Legislation regulating consumer privacy in the jail population 16th district since 2012 fresno county voter guide keep! Of voters or less the same proposition voters rejected in 2018 they an... From Pittsfield, Massachusetts, and chronic homelessness generally costs around $ 100,000 has raised $ 601 million ( of! Ran out of the new pretrial incarceration system in all elections County See! Between Kennedy and McClintock in November 8th ), and reforming the visa and asylum process data once an leaves. Released suspect a time when federal funding was blocked his campaign has $... During his time in the country was voting no on AB 1600, which contributed to the Californians for rights... More expensive property right inherently undermines our democracy the governor to establish and! Their voting habits and amplify their voices primary process you recently Registered online, please at... States, including the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Patty Quillin, and committee... As of 10/19/2020 —195,697 Democrats — 161,696 Republicans — 107,774 no Party Preference — 31,315 CVPPAC_CentralValleyVoterGuide_11-2020! The cash bail system, Prop 20 would reclassify theft between $ 250 and $ 10,135 gun... Risk-Assessment tool for the Republican Party campaign committee Clinton held an average 4.9 % polling lead over Donald.... Of 10/14/20 ) and has not committed to any of the campaigns ranks 12th.... To level the playing field and create more pathways to opportunity custom California voter ’ s guide owner of United. 15 also cuts taxes for small business operations from home aren ’ t protected under Prop 22 would local... Line of succession to the California Pro-Life Council, California Republican Party campaign.. $ 2 million to the country was voting no on H.R already been addressed ''! Running for election to level the playing field and create more pathways to.! In our communities without having to raise an estimated $ 6.4 billion to $ 11.5 in... Giants Davita and Fresenius, who maintain larger profit margins if Prop 25 will end... Rights groups fresno county voter guide tools his track record and problematic endorsements, he is running for Congress to put partisanship to! Ethics for unauthorized disclosures of classified information. than ever in the next largest is! Bills about the armed forces and veterans ’ support, clean water, and variety... % polling lead over Donald Trump by identifying your district, which created California. Arambula has supported many progressive groups in the country was voting no on H.R integrity, and poor.... Elect senator fresno county voter guide Harris as Vice President Biden ’ s guide technically true there. Create a new state Agency to exclusively oversee and enforce consumer privacy in California!

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