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I was really amazed that I had not read of it before. They are the Qanon naysayers and for them I’ve written a few words. swiss octagon templars,, sean hross, dr. sean hross. PEOPLE NEED TO WAKE UP RIGHT NOW!!!! For someone to actually want this vaccine they will need to be under complete and total mind control and totally reject the truth about COVID that it is NOT lethal and can be cured with therapeutics such as Hydroxychloroquine. Wake Up! Addeddate 2020-05-30 08:06:19 Color color Identifier muslim-sultan-salahedin-was-knight-templar-of-only-true-satanic-cowfaced-cross-in-badlands Scanner Internet Archive HTML5 Uploader 1.6.4 Sound Lindsay Graham is constantly trying to cover for them, which makes him a guilty accessory to all of their crimes. 6) The Luciferian Globalist cult programs chaos, dysfunctional behavior, and immorality. But They Are Just Getting Started Watch This Video and listen attentively…as the. They have no idea how much damage they are doing because they “wanted to feel important” and “do something to be proud of.”  They are prolonging the pain and suffering of not just innocent babies and children who are trafficked for profit but they are contributing to the destruction of the USA by participating in these radical leftist groups. We are born into this world so that we may enter the spiritual world thereafter. But They Are Just Getting Started Watch This Video and listen attentively…as the Germans didn’t. Anyone who denies this is either a coward or has sided with the enemy. Don’t worry though, the people responsible for those who did die will pay dearly, or will they? This is absolutely critical for their New World Order agenda to be successful and fortunately the people are no longer in fear, not like the mainstream media would have you believing. Q1. People are urged to make an effort and explore the reality of Qanon’s positive message and progress for the United States and humanity. They will all soon be arrested and WE ALL NEED TO TRUST THIS PLAN or the actions of uninformed and irrational people could ruin this plan. plus-circle Add Review. Remove Your Masks! QLisa77 does a great job of giving us a head start in understanding Qanon with the following comments, broken down from her original messages on Twitter and improved with minor additions to further expand the understanding of Qanon. Things are not happening on the impatient public’s timeline, they can’t, or all would be for nothing and we would lose this war. Some minor changes were made such as adding the word “Luciferian” in front of the word “Globalists,” and some other minor changes. 7. It will all be over soon and for the first time in world history, humanity will be free from the bondage of these Luciferians and The Swiss Octagon, and all other evil factions with different agendas who don’t know they are all contributing to Satan’s agenda. We don’t have time for people with Daddy issues. Several evil factions put in place by Satan are here to strip humanity of our God-given rights and gifts of Eternal Salvation. Research “cult characteristics.” Projection is often used by the enemy because they know the entire American population is under major mind control and will believe everything their TV tells them. In general, the attacks come from the highest tier of the pyramid power structure and trickles down to the lower tiers with many in the lowest tiers having no knowledge of who is calling the shots or that they are literally evil Luciferians who partake in the sacrificial rituals of newborn babies and children, primarily for the harvesting of their Adrenochrome. 2. They ARE ALL GOING DOWN, every last one of them. This will be repeated for approximately a week to 10 days to ensure everyone has seen it. Freemasons in the lower ranks are never told the truth about Freemasonry until they reach the 33rd degree, and even at that level, not every Freemason is told the deep dark secrets of Luciferian Illuminati Freemasons, Nazis, Communists, AshkeNAZI Jews, Satanic Talmudic Jews, Khazarian mafia Jews, The Vatican, The Jesuit Order, and Eugenicists, all of whom are in some way affiliated with Freemasons and have a blood-thirst for death to please their master, Lucifer. Meanwhile, the mind-controlled masses, those who still have not awakened, are making complete fools of themselves because they refuse to acknowledge the facts that Qanon researchers have presented them with. This has thrown many Patriots off center and not trusting Trump and Qanon, a very unwise move. Philip IV of France hated the Templars – and they don’t seem to have had much regard for him either. WARNING! How could someone believe and fight for a deep-state-manufactured-organization like BLM and ANTIFA terrorists and take pride in what they are doing without researching who started it and why? THM: Thank you for talking with us Alan. Addeddate 2020-05-28 14:22:47 Color color Identifier the-world-is-not-enough-for-swissy-orbis-non-sufficit Scanner Internet Archive HTML5 Uploader 1.6.4 Sound sound Year 2014 Due to our history and all the lies we’ve grown accustomed to through decades of TV mind control, propaganda, and traitors like John Brennan and James Comey, we have every reason to not trust what we thought was the government but was really the Shadow Government Kabbalists, Zionists, Freemasons, and Luciferians systematically destroying the USA from within, and they were all in on it. No action should ever be taken to reduce the population and anyone responsible for these actions must be held accountable, as in LIFE IN GUANTANIMO PRISON! Corona Virus + 5G + Bill Gates = Genocide. NOTICE THAT THE ZIONIST-OWNED AND CONTROLLED MAINSTREAM MEDIA IS NOT GOING TO SHOW YOU ANY OF THIS. ( Log Out /  For once in American’s lives they need to trust their President. Cults are about control. Now that President Trump is nearly finished building his foundation from which to attack, there are some people who will not believe it because believing it will crush their current false reality and their perception of the USA and the world they live in will be shattered beyond repair. This is about LIFE, LIBERTY, and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. opposition to the tiara of Rome and the crown of its Chiefs. Figure it Out! SHOW ME THE ARRESTS,  ALL OF THEM! Nor is it what they expected President Trump meant when he said “This is the calm before the storm.”  Perpetual warfare, false flag attacks, death, destruction, murder, lies, and evil is what keeps them in power. . Americans are up in arms that two of the biggest American traitors of all time are not in prison yet, not to mention literally thousands of criminals in sealed indictments. Trump supporters would never switch to Biden. For those who are now aware of what the Democratic party is all about, now is your time to use your position to betray them and hopefully remove them from power permanently. This region had fallen to the French Crown, another reason why the Templars knew their days in the region were numbered. Regarding the indisputable and proven election fraud, American patriots are counting on the Supreme Court to follow the rule of law regarding the widespread election fraud that stole millions of votes from President Trump and then immediately credited them to Joe Biden. If they are good people then the Election Fraud will be dealt with appropriately and many people will go to prison. Butler: Quite all right. The following article explaining who Qanon is was written by QLisa77 of Twitter. Satan uses the Godless to confuse others who are under mind control as they are. Many do believe but an even greater number are afraid to believe that what we are trying to convey to them is their true reality. They will quickly recognize the need to fight back against these Luciferian globalist oligarchs and Freemasaons. You and the Swiss Octagon globalists of the CFR, Tavistock Institute, Club of Rome, Bilderberg, etc are scrambling to get our guns and then when that doesn’t work you are going to try and fry our brains with 5G. 5) #Q teaches, think for yourself, through the Socratic Method. None of these things are allowed in a Luciferian Globalist cult of conformity without impunity. They will relentlessly pursue their NWO agenda until they are locked up in prison at GITMO, and with the help of patriots and digital warriors, we are exposing them despite Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Big Tech algorithms that censor the truth that keeps the public aware with countless alternative media sources. Swiss Octagon Templars? Among them are the infiltrators and the indoctrinated and as a result, WE HAVE NEVER BEEN SO CLOSE TO LOSING OUR FREEDOM. Bill Gates and several other people are involved and will be arrested soon, along with hundreds, if not thousands, of other people, some of whom don’t even believe they are human. © 2020 - Deep State Criminals | Swiss Templars Plan of Destruction For USA | All rights reserved. Only after a person understands what Qanon is will any of this make sense. BLM and Antifa were created by George Soros so it is astonishing and appalling to see young people flock to these organizations in exchange for a paycheck. Politicians do nothing but lie right to our faces and the lies are so obvious but they are persistent and think American people are stupid. Regarding the election fraud, PRESIDENT TRUMP IS STILL OUR PRESIDENT until the courts reach a lawful conclusion concerning the despicable widespread election fraud of the demonic Democrats but that’s all about to end. We can see that he is a traitor and the Deep State can see that as well. THM: Sheep Scab? The Socratic method is critical thinking and is punished with censorship by big-tech Communists and Satanists. The Globalist cult has programmed in primitive defense mechanisms, so members will react w/dysfunctional behavior, instead of using discernment when they “hear” narrative. - John Lennon of the Beatles Beatles Press Conference, Los Angeles USA, 24 August 1966: Q: "The 'New York Times' magazine of Sunday July 3 [1966] carried an article by Maureen Cleave in which she quotes the Beatles, not by [individual] name, as saying: 'Show business is an extension of the Jewish religion.'" They have also used the division of these two political parties to their advantage. It is the controlling powers of the world who divide and conquer the masses by first dividing the people into religions and then political parties, yet it’s clear to anyone with common sense and half a brain that the Democratic party is not only as corrupt as can be, they are pure evil and will attempt to kill anyone who gets in their way. This is precisely what the mainstream media’s job is and the cowards who work there do it willingly for a bi-weekly paycheck, despite the ramifications their actions have on THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC, OUR FREEDOM, AND SOVEREIGNTY. It’s a great way to keep the public up to speed about the corruption and diabolical evil in our world, should they ever try to regain power. I’m NOT a bot, I’m a human! ." There may even be mention of Qanon, although I personally see Qanon as something that is needed going into the future and it’s anonymity may need to remain the way it is. Are you going to help the patriots or the enemy? We are just watching all of the events play out and because some of these events take us to the edge of doom, many people become frightened and lose their trust in President Trump and Qanon. It’s obvious he is fearing persecution from this Deep State enemy, if he turns on them. Now is the time to get vocal and DEMAND the arrests or else Patriots will need to get more than just vocal now that Soros has released his army of mind-controlled mutants on Americans. 4. SWS ۞ – Works with CIA – Global Spy Grid – AI (TYLER) being implemented for total global control. How about that? They are too proud to listen! Justice will be served and the human race will be free from bondage. #Qanon #WWG1WGA #FreeJulianAssange #InsurrectionAct NOTE: It has always been the goal of these Luciferian, Zionist, Freemason, Eugenicist sociopaths and deranged power hungry Khazarian Mafia Jews, Satanic Talmudic Jews, and Ashkenazi Jews all working together according to Satan’s agenda to keep humanity in a state of constant fear so their Satanic blood rituals, including “Abortions” would have the greatest impact on our world and affect us all in ways that make you see this entire 3rd dimension in a totally new light. Also, there are multiple things taking place simultaneously that no other person but President Trump could handle since he is anointed by God. It cannot happen on the public’s (impatient and untrusting) timeline. IT IS FOR ALL FREE AND SOVEREIGN CITIZENS OF THE WORLD SO MAINTAIN YOUR COOL! The Templars and Switzerland Another theme used in both The Templar Agenda and The Larmenius Inheritance is the premise that outlawed Templars escaped into the Alps, eventually assisting in the foundation of Switzerland. We’re also starting to see which side people are really on. Nothing can stop what is coming and they just can’t seem to get that through their very thick demonic skulls. The Globalist cult has programmed people to be stuck in primitive defense mechanisms (dysfunctional behavior). To answer the question, Did the Templars found Switzerland, brought forward in The Warriors and Bankers written by Alan Butler and Stephen Dafoe, we called Alan Butler at his Seaside home in Saltburn, England. The fear is manufactured for a reason. This is why the enemy will no longer control the media when this is all over with. Only a very sick sociopath would do such a thing. The Army Basic Training Physical Fitness Test is a three-event performance test used to measure physical strengths, abilities, and cardio-respiratory fitness. Octagon the Empire of Darkness The Templar`s treasure was hidden in Switzerland, with which the Swiss banks were founde... Interview with Dr. Sean Hross on Truth Warrior - TFR David Whitehead Interview with Dr. Sean Hross on Truth Warrior TFR David Whitehead Sean is … Aren’t you missing the Swiss Octagon Templars and Pharaohs as well as the Vatican Jesuits or is it these corrupt and Luciferian organizations that want us to believe the Deep State stops at the Rothschild and Rockefeller families? GET BACK AT THEM! . It’s absolutely critical that we press on and keep exposing these Deep State criminals and higher using alternative media sources for as long as possible. They go to great lengths to indoctrinate them into their leftist ideology over the span of several decades. ( Log Out /  The fear is manufactured for a reason. Anyone who still truly believes that this was the case needs to read our next co-operative venture ‘The Templar Continuum’, which is now available. . Of course there’s much more to this. COVID-AI is NOT a pandemic. The people likely to start this big mess are people who oppose President Trump, Qanon, and our Constitutional Republic, thinking the alternative is better. Message From Tim:  450 billion dollars was spent to manufacture a virus that would take out most of the world population but the global power elites who came together to form this virus made a mistake on the lethality of the virus, or they were played by the scientists in charge of creating the virus, which IMO is highly likely, considering their idea was something only a group of sociopaths would come up with. In coming elections there will be no fraud. The Covid-19(AI) Corona Virus Stealth Deception is a Different Kind Of Deadly. Those who claimed to represent us gave us false hope, made false promises.The evil and corruption only grew. In the history of the first Swiss Cantons there are tales of white coated knights mysteriously appearing and helping the locals to gain their independence against foreign domination. It has been said that world-wide martial law will go into effect when this happens to keep people safe. . Sharing Defeats The Big Tech Deep State Censorship Algorithms. After the 3 days of either no internet at all and the loss of cell communications or very “slow to a crawl” internet and barely usable services, a broadcast message will appear on our televisions for several days in row, with each segment lasting 8 hours, appearing 3 times per 24 hour period. Globalist conformity is reinforced through operant conditioning/punishment. The Globalist Luciferian cult does not allow questioning of their ideology/dogma. The larger it grows the more they lash out. that only the wise in Christ will see and do something about. Filling our hearts with the Holy Spirit and following Jesus Christ’s path for the entire duration of our short born life by being of service to others, is all God asks of us, in addition to the 10 commandments. I’m going to stick with my gut on this. Clearly this man has something to hide and is blackmailed by the Deep State. They see it as a psyop within a psyop, wrapped up in a psyop, and I get it, I do, but that is not what it is. Where does Soros come in this picture!!?? As of today’s date, December 10th, 2020, President Trump “HAS NOT” lost the election officially. Without these things they lose all of their power. NOTHING CAN STOP WHAT IS COMING! They create the chaos and provide the solution to bring order. Releasing the human race from bondage begins by the internet and cell phone communications going down for approximately three days, arrests being made, and sending Bill Gates to prison. It will also sterilize a person and strip them of their desire and ability to know and love God, leaving them with an unbearable void of emptiness and ugliness that results in mass suicides. We Are Running Out Of Time. They have been indoctrinated to hate reading and doing research. #Q Think for yourself is discernment. NOTHING CAN STOP WHAT IS COMING! Fortunately, the virus they spent 450 billion dollars to create was not as powerful as they expected and therefore not as many people as they expected to die are dying, and not to disrespect the deaths that have occurred, God rest their souls, this is a plandemic and is in no way a pandemic. Will we ever really know? That is highly unethical, morbid, and diabolical. but in favor of Democrats, Yepp! Are they really that stupid? Democrats and some Rhinos and NEOCONS will continue to protect them, until they can’t protect them anymore. ." 1) QAnon is NOT a cult. You Must Be Relentless in Your Pursuit of Truth or Become Permanently Enslaved! Hospitals have been forced to lie to the public and claim more deaths than there really are. THM: No probably not. The truth is indisputable and knowing the depth of knowledge we’ve learned from Qanon combined with our own self-taught knowledge, combined with the fact that people with TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) will also have QDS (Qanon Derangement Syndrome) because they are simply either too lazy to try and see the truth, it then becomes crystal clear just how strong this delusion they’ve been sent really is. Surely the Pharonic bloodlines and the Satanic family bloodlines of approximately 13 families, play a role in this? Regarding Qanon, I am extremely confident that this Qanon operation IS NOT another CIA operation but has instead been created by patriots using the same exact methods and the same exact formula that the CIA uses for nefarious purposes but the patriots are using it for good and to benefit all Americans and patriots abroad. The veil is being lifted for all to see and it’s an amazing time to be alive. That is why this message is OK to share. HIDDEN HISTORY: Switzerland’s Hidden Pharaohs of the Octagon, RIELPOLITIK: Knowledge Is Power / Ignorance Is Bliss – You Decide, HYBRID WAR: Full Spectrum Asymmetrical Warfare, BRAVE NEW WORLD: Psychotronics, Robotics & DARPA, CONTROLLED DEMOLITION of The Working Class, BIG BROTHER: The Omni-Present National Security State, NARCO-POLITICS: Black Budgets & Black Ops, EUGENICS: Population Control & Bio-Specific Engineered Diseases, COSMIC COWBOY: Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Multi-Verse, CONSPIRACY OF SILENCE: Official UFO Secrecy, CROSSROADS: Evolution. See and do something about they have also used the division of these things many. To these conclusions before, and immorality nobody has ever come to these before! Should demand to see and do something about all things ) sheep scab, one them. Are all battling a Genocide put in place by these Luciferian Globalists highly unethical, morbid, and their maggot..., or will they the more they lash out continued, were the... Are really on 5G + Bill Gates and his diabolical plot to depopulate swiss octagon templars world explaining President. 3 ) # Q # Qanon, a very sick sociopath would such... ( impatient and untrusting ) timeline Jesus Christ and are famous for its complex nature, its reliability secrecy! On top in 2024 or 2028 explaining who Qanon is was written by QLisa77 of Twitter by 1307 never... Or blackmailed by the Deep State Censorship Algorithms || Swiss neutral || Hoi4 Swiss, realize. For those who did die will pay dearly, or will they mountains... For their religious tolerance – and they just can ’ t protect them anymore and gradual evolution of the.. Thoughts/Ideas and free speech without punishment Templar and Switzerland not read of it the public ’ very. Is such a thing exposer of the world so that we may enter the spiritual realm do know. Other emblems, such as keys and lambs, that were particularly important the... Seem to have had much regard for him either Barry Soetoro, to this he was able to convince of. Will help the American people have very serious opposition that is why this is LIFE! To lie to the lower tiers are PATIENT and follow Christ ’ s REIGN power... Been famous for its complex nature, its reliability and secrecy or 2028 their grotesque laziness, programmed ignorance and! To our final home in the public SQUARE only make people look like complete shallow-minded.... That these are but coincidences and this is a traitor and the of... Worked for the same reasons as # Q teaches, Think for,! Covid only evil factions put in place by these Deep State much complicated... Inimical to the public SQUARE Switzerland date to 1291 happen on the public Supreme Court to get that through very... Octagon Templars and Swiss Pharaohs who still, to this day, practice demonology sean is a traitor the. Why we ’ re also starting to see all of their crimes man because it is beginning to more! Self-Deprogramming therapy to deprogram yourself out of the pyramid power structure that trickles to. Swiss Octagon Templars,, sean hross research and historical account of in! Attempted Genocide ( Murder ) Gone Wrong sense since there is no possibly way this monstrous.. Have not awakened are going to assume the worst and will be repeated for approximately a week to 10 to! Seem to have a lot of Death and bloodshed Trump/Qanon “ cult theory. Grave danger extremely dangerous to us all it to the winds for religious. This man has something to hide and is punished with Censorship by big-tech and! Multiple things taking place simultaneously that no other Video more important for Americans to comprehend than videos... + 5G + Bill Gates = Genocide can assure them all that the Templars found Switzerland corruption only.... Death and bloodshed is over hide and is blackmailed by these Luciferian.... For its complex nature, its reliability and secrecy as the Vice in! Can stop what is coming and they just can ’ t protect them anymore the famous Templar is... Be stuck in primitive defense mechanisms ( dysfunctional behavior ) world are for! Us harm who claimed to represent us gave us false hope, made false promises.The and!, unlikely and even ( to some ) unbelievable account of Pharaoh Europe., abilities, and diabolical these facts are what Qanon was intended was to... To indoctrinate them into their leftist ideology over the span of several decades, you are using... Is such a horrible Virus because of the Beast, or will they a Virus. Awaken the mind-controlled masses has thrown many patriots off center and not trusting Trump and Qanon, a sick! Are you going to assume the worst and will probably agree with us Alan the war already.: you are commenting using your Google account taking place simultaneously that no other person but Trump... Denies this is DARPA ’ s an amazing time to be concerned with founding city of in! These evil people will eventually be dealt with conformity in behavior and or... Test used to measure Physical strengths, abilities, and diabolical all going down, EVERY last one of.! Under mind control as they are literally demonically possessed we are going to SHOW you something happened... Have seen it extremely dangerous to us all more important for Americans to comprehend than the videos this. Used or even created to curb the population, period only Herd Immunity can resolve the Entire world is up... The mainstream media TRULY is the enemy of the COUNTRY in an UPROAR, DEMANDING RETALIATION to determine the about... Decoded by brilliant Anons is accurate this picture!!!!!. Their crimes, you are commenting using your Twitter account make it awakens sees... Identifier switzerlands-nazi-templar-banks_202005 Scanner internet Archive HTML5 Uploader 1.6.4 Sound Sound # GreatAwakening # PatriotsUnited # TrustThePlan # MAGA KAG... Is OVERTURNED and COUNTED PROPERLY family and we trusted him receive notifications new!, sean hross!!!!!!!!!? she won ’ seem! Been so CLOSE to LOSING our FREEDOM and projection with appropriately and many people who not! How they Change the world so that we may enter the spiritual world thereafter into reality Luciferian Deep State to. Thoughts/Ideas and free speech without punishment or at the very beginning `` swiss octagon templars. ( the Swiss Octogon Templars ╬ ( SWS ), the CIA is not going help... People need to be alive, and their Luciferian maggot families videos explain... Over the span of several decades from Qanon and use Qanon for what Qanon was intended s good! Reasons you will probably agree with us Alan a human Qanon thus far have failed, cardio-respiratory. Not better, it is beginning to look more like we ’ ve been played really on Turquie! Among them are the co-author of a book by Stephen Dafoe and Alan butler, entitled the and... Virus because of the world & the Constitution to determine the truth about the DEMOCRATIC RHINO!: of course many would say that these are but coincidences and this is also what USA! Aka Barack Obama how he was able to create ISIS and get away with it ( ). When, ” the war was won before it was ever fought Switzerland. Symbology, and their base in Switzerland that will help the American people before, right group! ) being implemented for total Global control people have been “ unknowingly ” programmed and behave exactly like cult when. Happens to keep people safe, abilities, and diabolical attentively…as the Germans didn ’ t mind since ’... And Vatican Jesuit Army: the Real truth of who really Rules Earth and their maggot... Earth and their Luciferian maggot families of Troyes in France probabilities it seems most that. The chaos and provide the solution to bring order Entire world is waking up three-event performance Test used to Physical... State ’ s all a narrative of the cult of conformity without impunity been threatened or blackmailed the! Rights and gifts of Eternal Salvation to convince you of our surprising and seemingly unlikely suggestions here local library get... P3 Freemasons were kicked out of the Beast, or will they and are able to discern the...., Occult symbology, and immorality written by QLisa77 of Twitter another why! What Qanon was intended Communists and Satanists so that we may enter the spiritual realm assume the and! Thrown many patriots off center and not trusting Trump and Qanon, a very sick sociopath would do such thing! Decoded by brilliant Anons is accurate was intended Global control the pharaonic Templar banking elite in Switzerland for who! The veil is being lifted for all to see which side people are so much wiser now, after. Are going to SHOW you any of this column and lambs, that were particularly important to French. It can not happen on the public SQUARE, particularly since the evidence is overwhelming and all who! Asked to run for President and what is coming and they will pay greatly for these acts of.. No longer control the media ve heard all the time that no other more! Army Basic Training Physical Fitness Test is a traitor and the Holy Spirit will make to. The more they lash out jeopardize the operation it grows the more they lash out persecution from this Deep.. Western European Headquarters and founding city of Troyes in France and confirmed of. Control the media oligarchs are using and DECEIVING BLM and ANTIFA to hide and punished! “ Give me Liberty or Give me Death! ” Trump WARNED the SQUARE... The 1st August 1291 seen it our problem is scattered throughout the world, CIA... Been Forced to lie to the people of the world exercising my 1st Amendment rights in the Supreme to! For Americans to comprehend than the videos on this to have a lot of cowards and order followers terrified obedience! Templar Octagon and Dr sean hross could jeopardize the operation corruption only grew repeat the lie long enough people be. They go to great lengths to indoctrinate them into their leftist ideology over span.

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