eskimo sierra thermal vs clam nanook

$49.99 ... Clam Runner Kit - Nanook XL/Nanook XL Thermal, Black 4.2 out of 5 stars 20. Find a large selection of Ice Fishing Shanty/Shelters & Sleds by Clam, Frabill, and Eskimo in the Fishing department at low Fleet Farm prices. I had a regular Nanook, not thermal, but for space it worked well. $1,249.99. Keep an eye out for used Eskimo as well, they have improved their quality over the past 3 years. Can kind of echo what others have said though, if you load it with stuff and are carrying it by hand, it can be really heavy. I went with Eskimo over clam because the Eskimo has removable / replaceable window flaps, the Clam has them stitched in and if they tear you're screwed. Seems like a reoccurring word of caution is a 2 person can be a struggle to pull when there is snow. I've had the clam guide(precursor to the nanook) since 2005. Add to Cart. Quick View. Clam vs. Nick Ward 8,299 views. I purchased an Eskimo Sierra (2 man flip over) 2 years ago and have been a little disappointed. This portable, flip-over shanty features a 900 denier fabric canvas with 90 grams of insulation to help hold in heat and keep you comfortable ... Eskimo Sierra 60 '' Tracking Kit. I'm a bot | Feedback | Stats | Opt-out | v5.0. Can't comment on the Eskimo. Can't comment on the Eskimo. And a thermal skin retains heat so you burn less propane. $489.99. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. I sold the Kenai Pro and bought a Nanook Thermal. Add to Cart. Clam Nanook XL Thermal 2-Person Ice Fishing Shelter. Front and rear access doors make access into this shelter easier than ever. X-400 Thermal Hub Shelter. Description This portable, flip-over fish house allows two anglers to fish comfortably side-by-side. When the fishing is hot but the temperatures drops, get inside an Eskimo® Sierra TM Thermal Ice Fishing Shelter to stay warm and comfortable. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. I really like my clam nanook thermal. I do plan on building a smitty for the sled too. There thermal, side opening version would be great. The Nanook Thermal XL is the thermal version of one of Clam’s most popular models over the years. Clam Voyager X Thermal - Stealth Edition. Though, if I had the money, I'd probably go with an Otter. It's been pretty good overall. I did take one of the factory seats out and will bring a folding camp chair if someone fishes with me. I have a 6120i hub I really like for when 4-6 of us go, but it just doesn't make sense when it's just 1-2 of us, or when we are searching for the fish. This house has been one of Clam's most popular models over the years. I wish I could get away with the one man for the reasons you stated but I’m getting it to share with someone. Clam Nanook 2-Person Ice Fishing Shelter. I have a nanook thermal have had it about 4 years now. The Clam 9714 Nanook 2 Person Ice Fishing Shelter is a two-person, instant set-up portable fish house. Has anyone tried using a smitty to lessen the load of a 2 man flipover? $549.99. There isn’t extension tubes in this model, so it is a tad low ceiling-wise. $59.99. Quick View. My old clam is probably 12 years old, so I'm not even sure what the new latest and gre Clam Outdoors Clam 12846 Spreader Pole Storage System. Their whole line seems pretty good. Made with durable 300 denier fabricFeatures cam strap and elastic for a secure fitSewn-in reinforced corners and wear pointsCompatible with #25250 & … I'd love to try fishing out of a bayrunner sometime -- they look like a really great one-person set-up. Shop from a selection including brands from Clam, Otter, Eskimo, and more! Add to Cart. $489.99. The Nanook Thermal XL is the thermal version of one of Clam’s most popular models over the years. This 2-person, thermal portable fish house allows 2 anglers to fish comfortably side-by-side. Participant. Press J to jump to the feed. ... Shop trusted ice fishing gear from top brands, including Clam Outdoors®, Eskimo®, and Frabill®. I'm looking for a 2 man, thermal that I can tow behind my ATV. Does anyone have any experience with either of these? I'll keep an eye out but I need one by November. The Eskimo Sierra ice shanty delivers on its promise of durability and comfortable ice fishing experience. The leader in the ice-fishing industry offering a full line of hardwater fishing supplies, including the Fish Trap® (flip over shelters), Clam™ pop-up hub-style shelters, IceArmor™ by Clam (outerwear: bibs, parkas, head & hand) and Clam Ice Fishing c Liking the new nanook with side entry and increased headspace. ... Clam Nanook Thermal Flip Over Shelter $ 579.99 US Clam Nanook XL Flip-Over Shelter $ 479.99 US Clam Nanook XL Thermal Flip-Over Shelter $ 549.99 US ... Clam Nanook XL/Yukon XL Fish Trap Floor $ 119.99 US ... Clam Nanook Review - Duration: 6:47. ... Free Eskimo Sierra Travel Cover with Purchase of Eskimo Sierra Thermal Ice House Eskimo Sierra Thermal Sled Shelter $ 449.99 (2) Link to post Share on other sites. The SCHEELS ice fishing experts select the best brands for ice houses in the industry. Press J to jump to the feed. Don’t skimp, do it right. Clam Nanook XL Thermal Ice Shelter. The Sierra Thermal is the perfect flip shelter for chasing fish with a friend on a cold day. If you’re looking for a well rounded house that’s affordable, this may be the portable ice house for you. I’m selling my Clam Nanook Frankenstein ice shack. I use it just for me so only put 1 seat in it, like the extra room that way. Add to Cart. Getting a new shack this year and I narrowed it down to these two. I'm a bigger guy and I had another friend of mine I. I take one of the seats out and move the other seat 25.4 centimeters closer to center to give me a little more elbow room when I'm by myself. Add to Cart. The Eskimo® Sierra TM is the ultimate flip up shelter for both runners & gunners and those who prefer to set up and sit tight. Eskimo Sierra Series Portable Ice Fishing Flip Style Shelter 4.6 out of 5 stars 62. If you don’t want the insulation, Eskimo makes an non-insulated version of the Sierra. 2 guys gets a LITTLE tight but I think the Nanook has a little bit different dimensions. I find myself being lazy to switch spots, even when I know I should, just because of the inconvenience taking everything down and setting it back up. Eskimo Outbreak 450 Ice Shelter. Just got an Eskimo Thermal Sierra, For sure a hand pull sled but not poor quality just not as bullet proof as an Otter.

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