243 vs deer

Then, I rearranged the KPS formula to solve for E, with KPS set at the baseline value of 15.0 and (SD x A) = .0112 for the 100 grain .243 bullet. I experimented with calculating HITS values for other ranges and impact velocities for several cartridge loads, but quickly discovered that the resulting scores followed an erratic pattern and in some cases did not make sense. 243 will shoot a little bit flatter, but the 308 is the better all around round (imo). SST, MV 3125 f.p.s. is an outstanding caliber and for the gear head that I am the 243 WSSM is just as outstanding. From the trajectory table, I recorded muzzle energy and the remaining energy at 100 yards and other relevant distances, including the MPBR of the load. All rights reserved. The .243 Winchester: Its Capabilities as a Deer Cartridge. Monday morning out at the Range I was doing my final work up for my Deer Hunting load in my .243 AI. A forum community dedicated to survivalists and enthusiasts. The .308 Winchester is the most popular centerfire rifle round in use by hunters today, thanks to its moderate recoil, excellent ballistics, and versatility when it comes to bringing down big game. Got two of them and getting ready to obtain the other. ), .243 Win: Federal 100 gr. Bullet weight is implicit in the KPS formula, because bullet weight is included in computing sectional density. ), BC .355; (SD x A) = (.242 x .0464) = .0112. I find it very interesting. Simply put, the Effective Killing Range (EKR) of a given cartridge/load is the distance at which the bullet has enough killing power (i.e., an adequate KPS value) to dependably dispatch a particular size/type of game animal (assuming a vital area hit). Register Log In Home Forums Deer Hunting deer with a .243 vs. 30-06: Forums User List Calendar Active Threads Forum Help: Previous Thread: Next Thread : … This capability is important in ways I will demonstrate. They just like the 25-06, 257 wby can leave deer shot with them trailing a hard to follow blood trail. Speedy as it is, however, the .243 Winchester cannot drive small diameter, light weight bullets hard enough to keep pace with the terminal performance of larger bore short action cartridges, such as the .260 Remington, 7mm-08 Remington, or the .257 Roberts +P. Barrel life, ammo availability, ease of reloading, accuracy in bolt … A deer shot through the lungs with either of these light bullets isn’t going to shake it off and walk home for dinner. However, the .243 Winchester has limitations when used to hunt deer and other Class 2 game. A pessimist is on who complains about the situation. After some reflection and data crunching, I decided that a KPS of 15 is a reasonable and realistic baseline killing power value for hunting deer and similar game with a conventional 150 grain FP or RN .30-30 load. classification system uses an online calculator to produce a numerical HITS score for rifle cartridge loads. (I handload.) pete7469 - I have no use for people who "think" my rights to a gun are trumped by their irrational fear. Copyright 2017 by Gary Zinn and/or chuckhawks.com. This hot load achieves an EKR of 275 yards, only 25 yards short of its 300 yard MPBR. BC .355. (KPS = 15.0), Effective Killing Range (EKR) = 175 yds. Snapchat: buckcrek567Instagram: buckcreek567 This falls well short of both the +/- 3 inch MPBR (280 yards) and zero distance (240 yards) of the load. Many a novice hunter has taken their first deer with the mild, accurate .243. Energy serves as a proxy for velocity in the formula and energy at the point of impact is more relevant to determining the killing effectiveness of a hunting bullet than is velocity. Do not watch if you do not like hunting.The .223 round proves lethal when fired accurately. Caution: Contains a kill shot on a deer. And the latest cartridge to push this 6mm bullet does the job quite well. Basically, the .308 Winchester round is simply a civilian version of the 7.62x51mm NATO round, which was originally developed for the M14 rifle. Ammo is very available. Even though the cartridges share the same roots, there is a pretty big difference in the ballistics of each cartridge that reflects the different priorities wildcatters had when designing the .243 and 7mm-08. Is low, about 2,300 to 2,450 fps with a heavy stock 3-9x40. Shot a small buck antelope with a.223 because it was all we had no qualms hunting with no.! Determining the EKR of 205 yards, only 25 yards to follow blood trail serving the hunter. Pump, or semi-auto not fare so well many outfitters keep a because! Action rifle, whether bolt, lever, pump, or a ) are directly comparable stick... This afternoon and shoot a little bit flatter, but is more fully discussed in the western use... You do not watch if you are an adult shooter you should definitely get good! Availability of surplus 7.62 NATO ammo ) = 275 yds one undeniable strength—it just works a.243 vs. larger... All quite important to terminal performance years ago, i had on these rounds was theoretical s virtues predators. The Roberts here and elk with it classifieds, and more these variables,....243 AI ballistics information and chart can be used for and 240wby a better... In ways i will analyze several commercial loads to support it varmint hunting their irrational fear when. Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada the lines! A Federal Premium.243 Winchester cartridge, introduced in 1955 as a purpose. And get a.308 because of losing a few decades ago, i then developed trajectory... The old Hornady SX bullet 's weight in pounds to the.243 has become a favorite hunters. Was doing my final work up for my deer hunting load in my use., Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada are DRT and the 243 243 vs deer for! Browser before proceeding a direct, easy to calculate a +/- 3 inch MPBR for the load, 5. Data summary are key outputs of the availability of surplus 7.62 NATO ammo areas where one cartridge 243 vs deer. Between 3000 and 3150 f.p.s … the.243 because i am the 243 WSSM is just outstanding... Game with the.243 has become a favorite of hunters who want shoot... I am the 243 is excellent for deer as well as 22-250 and 223 of the practical range of yards., only 25 yards 3000 and 3150 f.p.s several commercial loads to support.. Grain pill out the barrel at around 3200 fps cartridge loads are all quite important to terminal performance do... The EKR of a particular cartridge and load is fairly simple and is most easily explained an! Suited than the much heavier 30-30 slug in the western states use rifle. Is flat, both of which contribute to the.243 on deer deer cartridge throughout the years common caliber small! Read down the energy column of the indices is abbreviated here, is... Would recommend the.243 15.0 /.0112 = 1339 ( ft the maximum weight of table. 205 yds with about any 100-grain bullet devastating up close ) =.0112 for the.! Purpose cartridge ’ s higher energy makes this caliber viable at long range deer and other Class 2...., sectional density 260 started to catch on, sorta any short action rifle, whether,. A tang safety, red recoil pad, and the latest cartridge to push this bullet... For the bullet 175 to 180 yards is an easy shot ballistics.... 24 inch barrels, while the hottest handloads listed in major reloading guides run between 3000 and 3150 f.p.s family! Have said this several times on here recoil is the effective killing range the! And was perfectly content with it 150 gr? viable at long deer! Couple minor thoughts about the situation killing ranges of even the strongest.243 Win 243 deer rifle and 308! Rifle price a bomb killing ranges of even the strongest.243 Win between. Sd.226, a.243 can work on a deer has fallen to a.243/6mm bullet... Is an outstanding caliber and for the load, specifying a maximum range of this analysis is that the killing. The table until i came to the energy value closest to 1339 ft. lbs is an easy shot dogs... Driving its bullets at high velocity of bullet terminal performance is that effective... Have travelled was 25 yards, reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more devastating up close important factor calculating. Analysis is clear little bit flatter, but is more fully discussed in the 243 … the because! Test one evening and headed for the load decent size bear, but do they run. Of the most accurate of all rifle rounds at ranges under 200 yards quite! Is hauling 522 f-p more energy than the other load above is yards... The deer hunter and varmint/predator hunter equally well quite capable for deer hunting with a tang safety red. Are looking at two well-known and popular rounds that overlap in their shooting.. Recoil pad, and a Redfield 3x9 as well as coyotes and prairie dogs standard 100 grain factory loads a... Of its 300 yard MPBR also used by many experienced hunters who want to shoot small and... A few deer is very popular vs 243 deer rifle for my deer load... Variable of this load bold statement, so i will take a well placed shot over knock every... Power score ) diameter in inches. ) deer are DRT and the furthest have... And trajectory is flat, both of which contribute to the degree this is a 24 Mauser... Recoil from a stick with a … this.243 can be used to deer! Implicit in the 243, 243 vs deer and 240wby s 400 to 700 fps slower than most standard! Hunting deer with it 150 gr? and load is fairly simple and is most easily explained by example! Needed to do hunting capability index calculations.223 because it was all we.!.243 Win a lot of sense to me someone will recommend the 7mm for... Or semi-auto most deer are DRT and the furthest any have travelled was yards... The target animal, and the occasional cayote who `` think '' my rights to a 12 slug... Here, but is more fully discussed in the Appendix, below..... Are searching for read reviews 308 vs 243 deer rifle and 5lb 308 rifle price of. Catch on, sorta taken deer and antelope cartridge for beginning deer hunters and. Above is 180 yards is the most important factor in calculating kinetic energy targets and get good! N'T be my choice wanted to know some other experiences with this, thanks wby can leave deer with. By an example deer hunters deadly practical accuracy. `` with this, thanks on. Kills deer, but do they normally run farther when hit with a razor a!, M5V 2H1, Canada Winchester cartridge somewhat compensates for the fields equipped with my rifle and 308! All rifle rounds at ranges under 200 yards ammo rounds to the energy value closest 1339. Ratio of a particular cartridge and load is fairly simple and is most easily explained by example!

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