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AccuBond (.507 BC/.271 SD) at 2600 fps. Save Share The .243 is a cartridge that can perform either admirably or dismally with results entirely dependent on the aptitude of the hunter. They are mostly utilized for varmint or deer hunting applications not forgetting, it can be used on larger games according to your preference. 180 gr. Last year i took my 1st deer with a 243. i had zero doubt in the rifle that evening when I went out for the hunt. It did a wonderful job on a 3x3 white tail buck. If you coyote hunt reguarly and deer hunt, get the .243. it is a very fast and accurate round. Didn't see any bucks, but was able to capture this terminal damage to a doe. However, the hunters do require a good preparation for hunting deer and then enjoy the meat. All three are reliable and it always comes down to personal preference. I will take a well placed shot over knock down every single time. I have been shooting rifles for a long time, targets as well as deer and foxes so i know how to point the rifle in the right direction and shoot straight, I know this is a crime but in the past i have not taken much notice of what i have been shooting with. .270 Winchester (Winchester Deer Season) Ideal bullet weight Muzzle ... juice for deer, then you likely haven't shot a .243 much. My neighbor shot 2 BIG mulies in Montana/North Dakota out too 425 yards one with a Nosler 90gr accubond and the other with a Berger 95gr VLD. 243 for deer, ... list. (L-R): .223 Remington, .243 Winchester, .308 Winchester. It is as you know, a .308 necked down to .243 (6mm)….Fast and flat shooting. Our smallest deer rifle is now a .260 Rem. Two years before he passed, my granddad leveled off and dropped a buck offhand at around 300+ yards. Mine is a Ruger 77 and his was a Remington 788. 9. We could not get consistent pass-throughs, even with 100 grain bullets. I would stay above 80 grains bullet weight and make sure you barrel twist is tight enough to stabilize them.. My gf has been using my .243 for the last 2 years started off using as permentioned 85grain tsx with gear results, now use 95 grain Winchester xp3s they showed better results furthest used on deer 320 yards one shot one kill senarios, furthest traveled 100yards with a quartering away shot that entered far back in the stomachs up to the offside Lung. my .243, a savage 110 is all i hunt deer with. Having witnessed the impact of dozens of .243 bullets of many styles and construction on dozens of whitetails, pronghorns, feral hogs, coyotes, bobcats and even one zebra stallion, I’m convinced the 243 Win. nathangdad, Nov 20, 2008. nathangdad, Nov 20, 2008. She waits till the deer are 150 yards or under and has put 46 mule deer … In the rare chance you'd hunt larger game, that is why they make the expensive premium bullets. As long as you chose bullet designed for killing deer and not popping groundhogs you will be fine. My question is which bullets would you reccomend. Nov 20, 2008 #5 . I have said this several times on here recoil is the number 1 reason most hunters miss a deer. DRT takes their new .243 95gr to the woods for a deer hunt. 243 is a dual purpose round. wherever possible. Balancing the stats below, It looks like the .243 win might be the best deer rifle for kids. The .243 Winchester (6×52mm) is a popular sporting rifle cartridge. I shot my second deer with the 243. win with a factory 80 grain soft point at about 45 yards and she only went 20 yards and piled up. Even though it is a light-recoil weapon, it doesn’t offer any significant margin for error, and you’ll ethically have to pass up too many shots to give the .243 Win. To help you find the best rifle for your own use, we’ve put together a list of six of the best .243 … Public Domain. Deer ran maybe 40 yards and was as dead as any other I've ever shot. Forum Contributor. The Birth of the .243 Winchester. The 100 grain bullet is an excellent choice. Savage Axis II XP 243 Win Bolt-Action Rifle with Mossy Oak Terra Gila Stock and 4-12x40mm Riflescope $469.00 $449.99; In Stock Brand: Savage; Item Number: 57669; Savage 110 Apex Hunter XP 243 Win Bolt-Action Rifle with Muddy Girl Stock and Vortex Crossfire II … whittsend. and they are mulies. I couldn't be happier. If I'm hunting just deer I always opt for the Handi Rifle. It has never failed me. If you're not going to coyote hunt much, then get the .308. in Austria years ago with a Steyr .243. The .243 Winchester was developed in 1955 as a necked-down .308 Winchester cartridge … The .243 is a bit light for big hogs unless you can hit them in or just below the ear. Remington .243 for deer I purchased a Ruger M77 in .243 on Dec. 3rd of this year and shot a nice 150lb+ doe on Dec. 10, using the 100grain Core-lokt bullet. And work it does! You can never imagine that hunting needs preparation and … The .243 Winchester cartridge is an ideal size for hunting deer due to the round’s small, lightweight size and penetrating power. Following in my grandfather's steps, I have taken a handful of deer with the .243. I reload and my model 70 likes Noslers. I have read that the .243 Win cartridge is a flat, fast round that delivers good energy retention at moderate ranges with a relatively light kick. 243 Winchester cartridge was initially designed as a target/varmint round, it may be used for animals such as coyotes, black tail deer, whitetail deer, mule deer, pronghorns, and wild hogs. Having shot more than a dozen deer with it from a .243 Win., 6 mm Rem., and 6 mm Int’l, seldom do deer … But, hunting is not as easy as you shoot a deer in your video game. It is much better than the 243, in my opinion. Better bullets make it acceptable for larger game. Typically lower recoil, and greater accuracy at longer ranges..243 will offer more variety of gun types such as bolt or single shot, when compared to a 30-30. I am a relative newbie when it comes to choosing the right bullet for my .243 rifle. .243 is a quick, smaller round, that is very popular for deer hunters of all ages. 243 is light, small and perfect for beginning deer hunters. Anything from about an 85 to 100 grain bullet, your choice of make, model, and brand. Fifth Place: .308 Winchester, 26.0 Points. Loaded with controlled expanding conventional bullets, the .243 has ample power to penetrate medium sized deer shoulder bones but will not necessarily exit broadside. 243 is excellent for deer as well as 22-250 and 223. The. For that reason, my wife and I no longer use the .243. A: In all honesty, 300yds. The .243 is definitely a better deer cartridge in my opinion. it has taken countless deer over the years. It ran about 50 feet and dropped. However, this rifle caliber doesn't just stop there. DaTeacha Things are not what they seem. The .243 is an excellent deer cartridge if you will just do your job in bullet placement. With 3 mini-gear heads in the 10-13 range I have been looking for a suitable deer with low-moderate. I've reloaded a 105 Speer, H4831--Federal 210Match--Winchester brass, for my wifes 243 Win for years. The best .243 ammunition or also known as the .243 Winchester is one of the well sought-out rifle cartridge. Even through the short barrel, the bullet took off the tip of the heart and exited. Hunting deer is a very challenging and fascinating for the hunters. 1 shot 1 dead every time. Now don't get me wrong some can handle recoil fine but many have to much gun for there shooting experience. Yes, that includes the popular .243 Win. The .243 is a really good choice for deer. 250 yards would be my limit for shooting deer with a .243. however, I do not hunt big game past 150 yards. This . is a long way to shooting deer with any calibre of rifle. I would go with a .243, or a .270..270 for the win, we’ve taken deer, bear, and elk with this caliber. If deer were the biggest thing I planned to hunt I'd go that route. .243 is about the best coyote round out there with 22-250 being ahead of it. That being said, I took a whitetail doe last season with my 16" ar-15 using Barnes vor-tx 70 grain tsx 5.56 factory ammo. so i use the stuff that will mushroom the best at the cheaper price, so i go for the federal power shok 100 grain soft point. They seem to be harder to kill or at least to drop on the spot. Good hunting to you . Having said that, I remember knocking off a chamois at over 300yds. Many deer have been taken with this cartridge, but I believe it’s an expert’s choice — definitely not a beginner’s gun. Normally I am a 270/7mm Mag/300 RUM user. Not that you can’t hunt deer with a 90-grain bullet, but the hunting market is what it is, and the .244 fell far behind the .243, with Remington renaming its cartridge the 6mm Remington. I knoe that some people say its not enough for red but I have been up to scotland in august for a few years now and the few red I have shot have all been with a .243. Also, the Missouri deer are a lot larger than the Texas deer. The premier dual purpose cartridge for years, the .243 will dispatch varmints or deer with equal grace—and mild recoil. Initially designed as a target/varmint round, it may be used for animals such as coyotes, blacktail deer, whitetail deer, mule deer, pronghorns, and wild hogs.Rounds of at least 90 grains are better suited for hunting the larger of those while rounds less than 90 grains are more suitable for varmints. There are a handful of deer hunters who will mostly prefer a .243 over other rifles like the 30-30 or a .30-06. Participant. The .243 is light, small and perfect for beginning deer hunters. Personally, I always try to stalk within 200yds. My 243 is a Sako LH bolt action and the rifle/load combo shoots 1/2 moa. it works great. The 243 might be the best dedicated deer round made today. The .243 Winchester cartridge was initially designed as a target/varmint round, it may be used for animals such as coyotes, black tail deer, whitetail deer, mule deer, pronghorns, and wild hogs. The .243 Win., with its 1:10” twist, can stabilize the 100 and 105-grain bullets, which the hunting public wanted for deer and other big game. Originally designed for long-range varminting, the boattail-base, hollow-point, cup-and-core projectile nicely pulls double-duty for hunting deer-size game. The .243 Winchester, 7mm-08 Remington, and .308 Winchester are all mild recoiling and flat shooting cartridges well suited for hunting thin skinned game like coyotes, pronghorn, mule deer, whitetail deer, or fallow deer. The .243 Round. A few months ago I finally got a .243 for roe muntjac. The deer was shot at a distance of only 25 yards, and hit broadside in the lungs. and it’s close cousins — the 6XC, 6x47 Lapua, 6mm Remington, 243 WSSM, 6mm-284 Win., and 240 Wby Mag.

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