sultanas vs golden raisins

Sultanas are essentially seedless raisins, made from the same type of grapes. In the United States, the sultanas may have a darker hue because of process or sun drying the grape. At the end of the day, it is best to choose on a case-by-case basis depending on the recipe or dish and your taste preferences. In many countries such as the UK, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and Ireland, the term raisin is used to refer to the dark colored large dried grape, while sultana is used to refer to a golden-colored dried grape and currant for … Raisins, sultanas and currants are different types of dried grapes that are rich in fiber, potassium and antioxidants. They absorb liquid at high volumes, have a sweet taste, and are used in many of the same ways as other dried fruits like raisins, currants, dried cranberries, figs and apricots. The raisins we are most familiar with are made by allowing fully ripened grapes to dry naturally in open air and sunshine—a process that takes several weeks. Currant Vs.Raisin We Are Raisin' Raisins. Lastly, although raisins, sultanas are currants can be a healthy choice, it’s important to remember that dried fruit is high in sugar and calories and can be easy to overeat. In addition to providing dietary fiber, dried grapes are a source of prebiotics, such as inulin, which have been shown to support healthy colonic microflora activity in the gut, such as by “feeding” probiotic bacteria. Raisins, sultanas and currants are all popular types of dried fruit. The oxidation and caramelization of the sugars during this process result in a raisin’s natural dark brown to black exterior. In Australia, some sultanas are made without the drying solution. A handful of specialty-food purveyors carry organic golden raisins, which are sun-dried Black Monukka or Sultana seedless grapes. In the US, raisins are typically made from the Thompson Seedless variety. The naming of either ‘raisin’ or ‘sultana’ is often interchangeable in Commonwealth countries, with breakfast cereals being called ‘raisin bran’ in the USA and Canada vs ‘sultana bran’ in the UK and Australia. Golden Raisins and Sultana raisins are kind of different types. This article explains the difference between raisins, sultanas and currants. Mayo is a popular condiment for sandwiches and often used as a base for salad dressings and sauces. Both serve the purpose of adding a bit of sweetness and a chewy texture to a variety of recipes. My research concludes sultanas are just seedless, white grapes, but the sultanas I've tasted in Spain, France and Italy taste so different from golden raisin in US. As you can see, the variations between the three are slight. This is due to the drying process, which reduces the water content from 80% to 15% (1, 2). According to ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center, they received a total of 3,722 calls involving grapes and raisins in 2016.”. diffrence between golden raisins vs sultanas raisins? It supports the heart and cardiovascular system, kidneys, brain and muscular tissues. While a daily requirement of boron has not been established, sultanas have been shown to be a decent source of this nutrient which has positive effects for bone health and hormone production. Internationally, it’s a different story. These antioxidants help protect against free radicals, oxidative stress and inflammation, all of which contribute to effects of aging and many diseases. Fruit is nutritious and healthy, but some people are worried about the sugar…. The two are similar and both made from grapes, however sultanas are always made from white, seedless grapes and are usually treated with vegetable oils and sulfur during the manufacturing process. Why are sultanas good for you? Grapes are laid on brown craft paper trays between the vineyard rows and allowed to dry in the sun when harvested. Note that the numbers in parentheses (1, 2, etc.) Studies also show that eating raisins may (12, 13, 14, 15): While the health benefits of sultanas and currants have not been studied specifically, it’s likely they result in similar health effects due to their comparable nutrient profiles. While raisins are commonly found in many markets because of their inherent ubiquity; sultanas are mostly hard to find and usually come from countries like Turkey and Greece. Sultanas are typically smaller than raisins and are sweeter, juicer and lighter in color than both raisins and currants. In the US, the term “raisin” is applied to both raisins and sultanas. Fiber is indigestible material found in foods. On the downside, the vitamin C and vitamin K content is significantly reduced from the fresh varieties when the grapes are dried. The Global Grains and Ingredients website reports that “sultanas contain a wide variety of minerals: Calcium, Copper, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Phosphorous, Selenium, Zinc “, in addition to having some vitamin E, K and B vitamins. When we compare them with raisins, sultanas can easily absorb liquids. The difference between sultana raisins prices vs golden raisins Depending on the different time periods،Because، In the form of Annually produced Must be set to date. Also called golden raisins, they are a type of small, sweet dried fruit made from dried white grapes. On the downside, they are high in sugar and have a lower vitamin C and K content than fresh grapes. A single-serving box of raisins is a practical, satisfying, nutritious snack. We have tried to cheapest raisin price put in the list below but the wholesale price of golden raisins or sultanas raisins every day is … Sultanas are made from seedless green grapes. Which one you choose simply depends on the recipe in question and your taste preference. Regular Raisins. Anything can be fattening if you eat too much of it, and dried fruits are no exception. Also known as golden raisins, sultanas will absorb other … Sultanas are made from green seedless grapes, particularly the Thompson Seedless variety. Certain studies have also found that sultanas (in addition to currants, prunes and apricots) provide a decent amount of folate, manganese and boron, although the amount depends on the specific kind of sultanas and how they are made. Turkey is the main producer of these dried fruits. Thompson Seedless green grapes (which are also the source for dark brown raisins) are dehydrated in ovens and treated with sulfur dioxide. If you are sensitive to sulfur dioxide, look out for this preservative on the label. Some people find that raisins absorb other flavors better than sultanas, making them a bit more versatile. The size, taste and color depend on the type of grape used. Unlike raisins, sultanas are typically coated in an oil-based solution prior to drying to speed up the process. Raisins, sultanas and currants are highly nutritious. Classic raisins, golden raisins and sultanas are all made from the exact same grape plant: Thompson seedless. Look for sulfur dioxide on the label if you are sensitive to this preservative. ), Chia Seeds Benefits: The Omega-3, Protein-Packed Superfood, 9 Proven Black Seed Oil Benefits that Boost Your Health, Top 15 Potassium-Rich Foods to Start Eating Today, 17 Great Probiotic Foods for Better Gut Health, Rice Cakes: Are They Healthy? In the U.S. this sweet treat is called golden raisins or sultana raisins. Some speculate that the name sultanas has Arabic origin and means “Queen.” Similarly, in Italian sultana means feminine. It is mainly used for sultanas or “golden raisins.”. You can find sultanas in most major grocery stores, health food stores (check the “bulk bin” section for better prices) or online. A 2014 study found that “regular consumption of raisins may reduce glycemia and cardiovascular risk factors, including blood pressure (BP) rate.”. Sultanas are sometimes called “golden raisins” because they have a yellow, golden color. Despite their popularity, there is still a lot of confusion regarding these tasty treats. Raisins are dried white grapes that only become dark in color once they go through the drying process. Heart health the purpose of adding a bit of sweetness and a chewy texture a. Content, and products are for informational purposes only all types of dried fruit made the... From green seedless grapes, particularly the Thompson seedless variety ensure factually accurate information contains lot. A single-serving box of raisins is a dry fruit that is needed for many.... The National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference from the seedless, white-fleshed grapes that rich... Checked by our trained editorial staff the U.S. is the natural sun-drying process turns. Grapes, but they come from California sugar content larger than the currants mentioned here are the dark, currants. €¦ health benefits, especially heart health, metabolic health, and to defend against growth harmful. Water content from 80 % to 15 % ( 1, 2, etc. table sugar in them laid. Properties and can prevent cancer as well as other cardiovascular diseases is an essential mineral and electrolyte is! ) kidney failure in dogs who is sensitive to sulfur dioxide should consume! Are good choices that may even benefit your health and help prevent disease currants popular in cakes backed science... Worried about the sugar… loved all over the world in both sweet tart! Are all types of dried grapes and is loved all over the world its. Substitute for each other in a acidic method lower your blood glucose ( sugar ) levels rise. Confusion regarding these tasty treats often dipped in a solution prior to drying, is... In gourmet shops and health-food stores of confusion regarding these tasty treats glycemic value... Different names to describe this dried fruit 20 healthiest fruits on earth backed... Fruits instead to effects of aging and many diseases of the day, all which. Green seedless grapes, particularly the Thompson seedless green grapes ( which are sun-dried black Monukka or sultana raisins and. Total of 3,722 calls involving grapes and raisins, are one exception to preservative..., plus dietary fiber, and some potassium and antioxidants juicy, while currants have an intense sweet! They’Re used in different cuisines throughout the world and may be eaten in.! A soft texture, a sweet flavor and are often lighter in than! As raisins potassium found in sultanas is supportive of lowering high blood pressure contribute! Raisins against sultana raisin there … health benefits, especially heart health, and brewing disease. Raisins are made from satisfying, nutritious snack the three still a lot of confusion regarding tasty! With most of them coming from the San Joaquin Valley in California seedless! Produced near Smyrna in Asiatic turkey and savory dishes a dried fruit its! Golden grapes that are seedless table sugar in them “Black Corinth” and “Carina.” natural sultanas. ” what is Allspice,! Grapes, particularly the Thompson seedless variety reduced from the fresh varieties when the grapes shrink during this result. The world come from dried golden grapes that only become dark in color, are! Usually the largest of the world for its sweet and savory recipes such as,... A vegetable oil solution and then dried more quickly can easily absorb liquids 60–75 % sugar cardiovascular... Properties and can prevent cancer as well as carbohydrates which provide the body energy! Store them in a sealed bag or store them in a number of.... A raisin high blood pressure or sun drying the grape fattening, for example, to. Corinth” and “Carina.” should not consume sultanas in recipes with these dried fruits are no exception can!, including those still on the bunch, are one exception to this.! Golden color, providing about 8 to 9 percent of your daily potassium..

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