Migration and identity in the Romanian cultural milieu. Research design, methodology, and expectations

The MIRO project addresses a currently salient topic on a scholarly, political and social level: population movements and their connections with identity. The analysis is multidisciplinary, approached through different social and human sciences (history, linguistics, cultural anthropology, sociology, political philosophy, ethnography). The needed expertise in all these fields is provided by established academic institutions (four social and human sciences institutes of the Iasi Branch of the Romanian Academy and the University of Bucharest) and two relatively young universities, which nevertheless show promising potential in the investigation of migrations, identity and cultural heritage (the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences of “Lucian Blaga” University in Sibiu and the Faculty of Letters within the Northern University Center in Baia Mare).

The envisaged objectives of this complex institutional project are: 1) developing relevant infrastructure and human resources for long-term research; 2) designing methods, models, and theories on the relationship between migration and identity and validating them through Romanian case studies; 3) increasing the international visibility of Romanian science; 4) developing the research component within the less experienced partners, and reviving some research fields of consecrated academic centers; 5) delivering to the public administration, diaspora community and cultural NGOs, economic agents — impact studies, didactic tools, high level technical assistance in the study of the migration phenomenon, for preserving and enhancing the heritage and cultural identity.

The project will have a short, middle and long term impact on: 1) the consortium partners, and especially over the Romanian academia generally; b) social, political and cultural practices in Romania; c) the economy.