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This article specifies how….. The first 10 GB of storage is free each month after that you will pay $0.01 - $0.02 per GB. I'm currently trying to query BigQuery to grab the analytics data that Firebase is exporting to it. This article is for you if….
Our major requirement behind using BigQuery is to get analytics data that we get under Firebase analytics dashboard e.g.

It's paid feature however the pricing is not so bad if you don't have a lot of reports.
Link BigQuery to Firebase is the only way how you can get any custom reports. I'm able to successfully query the tables and get data back but when I run my query, the returned number does not match what Firebase is giving me for that particular day. active_users, new … BigQuery will contain all the raw data events and you can process them to do more complex analysis.

I gather analytics with Firebase Analytics which I linked to Google BigQuery.

Firebase is a popular platform for web and mobile app development. FirebaseAnalyticsをBigQueryと連携することによっていかに時間をかけずにアプリの分析が行えるか。Eurekaでの導入事例を交えてご紹介します。

If you want to do more custom analysis, you can always link your firebase analytics to BigQuery in the Firebase dashboard.

Firebase プロジェクトを BigQuery にリンクすると、すべてのパラメータとユーザー プロパティに加え、サンプリングされていない元のイベントデータに BigQuery GIS uniquely combines the serverless architecture of BigQuery with native support for geospatial analysis, so you can augment your analytics workflows with location intelligence. Initialize Firebase Analytics:; Use Firebase with existing gtag.js tagging. Simplify your analyses, see spatial data in fresh ways, and unlock entirely new lines of business with support for arbitrary points, lines, polygons, and multi-polygons in common geospatial data formats. I've linked firebase analytics app to BigQuery and getting raw data under app_events and app_events_intraday tables. It lets you access your raw, unsampled event data along with all of your parameters and user properties.
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