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If it is database driven, write a helper that will return an array of options. Created Jul 7, 2010. I’ve always thought generating select tags was a bit odd in Rails. trevmex / options_for_select_tag.rb. This stands alone, rather than being apart of a larger form. Share Copy sharable link for … How to use select_tag to create drop down menus in Rails select_tag :size, options_for_select(["Small", "Medium", "Large"]) %> This will create a drop down with the values in the array. Introduction. Rails Select Tag and Onchange Event Calling a Remote Function with Default Option Selected . … Home Blog Apps Work Contact Feed. SB. Embed. Posts about options for select written by heurionconsulting. Topics Lessons Guides Forum More. Embed Embed this gist in your website. There are various choices and it might be difficult to decide which to use in a specific situation. Topics Lessons Guides Forum. Grouped Select Helper Methods in Rails. I'm converting a MS access databse to Rails.

It’s pretty old (2007), but still relevant. Sign up Log in. May 25, 2011.

rails select tag with multiple values pre-selected... installing and uninstalling postgres with postgis ... installing nginx + passenger + ubuntu; make and extract zip file; copy a file from a remote server to a local machin... upload any media file in rails using paperclip Log in Sign up. Star 0 Fork 0; Code Revisions 3. Ask A Question All Threads Answered Unanswered Leaderboard. All threads / Use select_tag to link to customer show page. There has been so many plugins in ruby on rails space and we have been always re … Here is a little code snippet that will fire off a request to update_client_path when you change the select field. Written by Sean Behan on Sun Jun 17th 2012 . Rails: Retaining select_tag's Selected Option. What would you like to do? See the Rails documentation for options_for_select to customize it even further.

A popular article on the topic is this one: Select helper methods in Ruby on Rails. Go.

… Obviously you can leave off the :multiple and :size to make it a single select with similar results, but it’s better to use select instead of select_tag for single select combo boxes. Search. You can either declare a constant array in the model and use that like: MyModel::SHIRT_SIZES instead of hard coding it. Working with Rails’ select_tag helper to build a search form, I needed to retain the user’s selected value after a form get, and was using the options_for_select helper: ```ruby# Doesn’t retain value <%= select_tag ‘search[status]’, The database has a customer table of over 5,000 customers.



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