KZ AS16 Bluetooth

Portable Bluetooth earphone with better sound quality. Additional Features.

A muchos nos ha pasado que nuestros in-ears no tienen la potencia que nos gustaría o pierden definición cuando subimos el volumen, es algo muy común en in-ears como en altavoces y la solución es dividir la señal en … The AS16 translucent black shells. KZ AS16 片側8BA搭載 単辺バランスド.アーマチュア型ドライバー八基を搭載 高音質 高解析力をもってイヤモニ型インナーイヤホン ノイズキャンセリング 3Dプリンターされた筐体と金属フェイスプレートを搭載 高純度リケーブル可能 0.75mm2pin 今回紹介するのはKZのAS16バランスド・アーマチュア(BA)ドライバーを八基搭載した「8BA」イヤホンになります。Amazonでは複数のセラーによって販売されています。私はWTSUN audioより購入しました。価格は13888円です。 Contact information Dervice Hours:9:00-21:00. Therefore, KZ AS16 is suitable for all these devices. We stock different models KZ Hifi Earphones, such as: AS16, ZS10 pro, KZ AS10, KZ ZS10 in ear HiFi bass headphones and earphones! KZ …

Fine acoustic adjustment technology makes sound full of texture. ห ฟ ง KZ AS16 เหมาะก บผ ท กำล งมองหาห ฟ งแบบ In-Ear Monitor ค ณภาพส งไว สำหร บการฟ งเพลงโดยเฉพาะ ด วยการใช ไดร เวอร BA Balanced Armature ถ ง 8 ต วต อหน งข างจ งทำให เส ยงท ได ม KZ AS16 Los In-Ears más potentes de KZ.

Limited Time Sale Easy Return. Compre KZ AS16 Fone de Ouvido com Fio HiFi Móvel, a venda vai terminar brevemente.

KZ AS06をレビュー KZ AS06が到着しました。AS06のパッケージの後ろに見えているのは、同じくKZ製の2pin-Bluetoothケーブルです。こちらは別記事にてレビューします。 パッケージは非常に小さくコンパクトでした。パッケージを開けると Since it seems that I am reviewing KZ IEMs on a fairly regular basis, let’s get our customary company introduction out of the way.. KZ Overview. As we have discussed earlier, the mobile industry is the prime reason behind the inception of IT technologies. It was only logical for KZ to bring some of the CCA offerings under its own brand and aim higher while at it. It is a public brand for the Shenzhen Yuanze Electronics Company located in Guangdong China. KZ originated in 2013 advocated ultimate, fashion and simplicity focusing on the faith of revolutionary pursuit ultimate attitude forwards life. With KZ AS16 wired headphone, you are absolutely free to enter the world of thrill without any intervenes. KZ was founded in 2008 by classical musician Zen Li and former Audio-Technica engineer Keith Yue.

Acoustic Technology. Bluetooth Earphone.

Gearbest lhe oferece às compras da qualidade inspiradora com preço acessível! Cheap Bluetooth Earphones & Headphones, Buy Quality Consumer Electronics Directly from China Suppliers:KZ AS16 16BA Balanced Armature Earphones Noise Reduction In ear Earphones Enjoy Free Shipping Worldwide! The same is true in regard to the KZ AS16 earphone. Reference-level high-order HIFI, 16 units balanced armature earphones bring you near-real auditory experience on the spot.

KZ is the world's leading audio earphones device manufacturer, provide professional audio KZ service covering more than 100 countries and regions. KZ -AS16 16 Units Balanced Armature Earphones Driver unit: 8BA hybrid driver unit for each side ,total 16 units. With extensive compatibility options, the KZ AS16 headphones create a safe environment for users.



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