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Could not find the Android Auto app in the Play Store. So it should work with just a activation .

The wireless connection option for the Discover Media and Discover Pro navigation systems makes the use of Apple CarPlay™ particularly convenient for We Connect-ready vehicles. Passat B8 MY2015 3G0035043A Thy are asking me to only send the main unit in. For now, however, VW's second-generation Discover Pro infotainment system is an elegantly packed, feature-rich offering based around the premise that many users will employ the integrated smartphone interface.

Discover Media Navigation system Radio/navigation system USB interface (for iPod/Iphone) and AUX-IN jack And if you add the app connect it doesn't ask for the 2nd usb as a required extra. But is asking a fairly high price for it. VW Car-Net is your partner in drive. It can provide directions along the way, entertain you, and it can call for assistance in the event of an emergency. My hacked DP came with this feature enabled by the supplier. After installation of Discover Pro MIB2 navigation system with App-Connect connectivity (AndroidAuto/Apple CarPlay/MirrorLink) many settings under Car Settings were disabled. ProDiscover® suite of products addresses a wide range of scenarios handled by law enforcement organisations and corporate internal investigations. Enabled App Connect on Discover Pro MIB2 This is one of the key features I was looking forward to in the Discover Pro for the Golf 7.

Also rear view camera was not working and there was no navigation display in MFD […] It can connect you to the world outside, all from the comfort of your driver’s seat. I've got a Passat B8 with Discover Pro but before App-connect, found a company that says it can "activate" app-connect / Carplay on my hardware. Re: "Discover Media" versus "Discover Pro" navigation system Post by Bhuna » Wed May 17, 2017 4:17 pm I believe that it is also voice activated enabled, has a DVD player rather than just CD (so you can watch DVDs on the screen in the middle when not driving) and for new orders now, I think it boasts the new larger screen (if it didn't already). FAST ACCOUNT ACCESS • Log in quickly with a 4-digit Passcode • Enable Quick View to view account information … There are 3 forms of app connection to the MIB2 Head Unit. Any one know if this is even possible, and if so this must be a software upgrade? To avoid distraction, only certified apps can be started during the journey. VW Car-Net® makes your Volkswagen more like a friend. First we have the Android Auto, MirrorLink and Apple CarPlay. Checked out the … Or am I just missing something ! ProDiscover provides a rich set of features and toolkits for Computer Forensics and Incident Response. In fact, next year's upgraded Golf 7.5 will bring a range of Discover Pro multimedia systems with touch-screens up to 9.2-inch and gesture control. Check your account balance, view your account info, make and edit payments, manage your rewards, and more - all from your mobile device. You can manage your Discover credit card and bank accounts conveniently and securely from anywhere, using Discover’s Mobile App. App-Connect. Discover Pro MIB2 with App-Connect retrofit to VW Golf 7, MY2015 Composition Media MIB1 was factory fitted in the car.

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